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In 2017, we are proud to celebrate 55 years of excellence at Glion Institute of Higher Education (GIHE).

Since 1962, Glion has set high standards for academic quality as a Swiss hotel school earning an excellent reputation among hospitality managers worldwide. Based on the votes of industry professionals, it won ‘Best Hospitality Management School in the World’ at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in Paris in 2015, before going on to receive the award for ‘Best Innovation in an Academic Program’ in 2016.

From its legacy as a Swiss hotel school, Glion has evolved to become the international institute of higher education – with campuses in Switzerland and London, UK – delivering premium, personalized education and preparing graduates to meet complex challenges in the fast-growing fields of hospitality, hotels, tourism, sport and events, and the luxury industry.

Our institute is represented worldwide by the Glion Alumni Association that includes more than 13,000 alumni in over 150 countries. These highly respected industry professionals have forged Glion’s reputation for excellence as an international hospitality business school offering event management and hospitality degrees which nurture leadership skills. To celebrate Glion’s 55th anniversary, we’re proud to share this special commemorative booklet featuring 55 Glion Alumni success stories.


Glion has been at the forefront of excellence in hospitality education for over 50 years. Since its founding in 1962 by Walter Hunziker and Frédéric Tissot, Glion has retained a sense of traditional Swiss hospitality while adapting its programs and courses to an ever-changing industry.


Glion London moves to Downshire House, on the grounds of the University of Roehampton, for a more centralized campus structure in a newly refurbished historical building.


Glion London moves to Downshire House, on the grounds of the University of Roehampton, for a more centralized campus structure in a newly refurbished historical building.Glion London moves to Downshire House, on the grounds of the University of Roehampton, for a more centralized campus structure in a newly refurbished historical building.


Opening of the London branch campus on the existing site of Whitelands College of the University of Roehampton.


Glion Institute of Higher Education celebrates its 50th anniversary. 400 Glion alumni gathered above the resort-city of Montreux to celebrate the institution’s half-century of success and to revive the Glion spirit together.


GIHE begins its 100% Online MBA. The new Glion Online MBA offers specializations in General Management for Service Industries, Marketing and Innovation, Asset and Revenue Management as well as a Self Designed option.


Glion joins the Laureate group and becomes Glion Institute of Higher Education.


Start of Master’s programs: The Master of Business Administration in International Hospitality & Service Industries Management has two specializations: Leadership or Marketing.


First Bachelor degree delivered to answer the industry’s need for highly qualified managers.


This year marks the opening of the Bulle campus which is now home to the MBA students, postgraduate students and undergraduate students for the last two years of their program.


Creation of the “Centre International de Glion” by Walter Hunziker and Frédéric Tissot, 2 Swiss tourism pioneers. The Institut International de Glion established its first campus in the renovated Grand Hôtel Bellevue for a first class composed of 15 students from five countries.


Glion Institute of Higher Education has two campuses in Switzerland, one campus in London, and a set of online and multicampus programs which offer flexible options and full immersion in the international hospitality management and events management fields.


A modern university facility, Bulle campus is home to graduate students and most undergraduate students, who move there in their second year. Bulle is located in Gruyère, just 30 minutes drive from Glion campus. The campus is where students develop critical thinking skills and refine their communication, organization and leadership abilities.


The Glion campus is our original Swiss hotel school campus and the starting point for all undergraduate students. A world-class learning environment for both classroom and craft-based learning, Glion is a combined, simulated hotel and school, featuring five restaurants, student accommodation, a library, classrooms and computer labs.


As a leading international business and finance center, London exposes management students to real world business operations, while its diversity helps students appreciate multicultural differences in hospitality management and the logistics of international event management. Situated in Whitelands College – just 45 minutes from London’s West End -– Glion London’s modern facilities include lecture rooms, study areas, social spaces and accommodation.


The Glion Spirit will grow on you as you learn, work, live and have fun with classmates from around 100 different countries. Through the Student Government Association and student committees, you can develop your leadership skills; while the excursions, sports teams and events will help you build valuable cultural knowledge and a strong international network of friends to last a lifetime.



Glion is one of only three Swiss hospitality schools to be accredited at university level by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. NEASC is one of six regional accrediting bodies recognized by the US Secretary of Education. Glion is accredited at university level and thereby delivers its own undergraduate and graduate awards.


Glion Institute of Higher Education, London (GIHE UK Ltd) has undergone a review for educational oversight by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).


Glion Institute of Higher Education’s leadership structure is designed to guarantee responsible management of the institution’s resources, committed to achieving its mission and objectives.