A Significant Global Network

Glion sets the foundations for a lifelong, successful career, with graduates gaining a second-to-none reputation and access to a wide range of management and executive positions in the hospitality industry and other service sectors.
Our graduates become members of the Glion Alumni Association (AAG), an academic community that fosters valuable personal and professional connections through a global network of students and alumni. Created in 1964, the AAG is one of the largest and most active alumni associations in the international hospitality industry ensuring far reaching and significant networking opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

58 industry sectors employ Glion Alumni

63% of Glion alumni

Are in management or executive-level positions

13'000 Glion Alumni Worldwide

In over 100 countries

Career Levels of Glion Alumni

Executive Level – 32%, Manager Level – 30%, Assistant / Coordinator – 12%, Trainee – 5%, Other – 21%