You’re sure to have some questions before you arrive in Switzerland for your studies. Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about life in Switzerland and at Glion campus.
How safe is Switzerland?

Switzerland is a harmonious, multicultural society and very safe. It has an extremely low crime rate, is politically stable and has strict gun regulations and drug laws.

What kind of sports can I do in Switzerland?

Switzerland offers fantastic outdoor and indoor sporting opportunities. Glion students can access fitness centers, group classes, sporting events and excursions, sports teams and competitions. Switzerland many lakes and rivers offer plentiful opportunities for sailing, rowing, or kayaking and rafting. More than ⅔ of Switzerland is mountain so you can enjoy many mountain sports including climbing and sledging. Switzerland has excellent bike-ways connecting the whole country. Glion has bikes available for student use.

Will I need a car?

No. Switzerland has one of the best public transport systems in the world with bus and train stops in every corner and, in keeping with the Swiss expectation of perfection they run on-time! Both our Glion and Bulle campuses are near town centers and are well serviced by public transportation. Taxis are easy to find and varyingly priced (10 minutes= approx. 20 CHF), with a fixed rate for Glion’s students taking the taxi to and from the train stations. Glion campus also offers shuttle service to and from the outlying residential buildings and train station.

For public transportation, students can get a half price card combined with Track 7 option.   


What facilities are offered on campus?

To find out more about the campuses and facilities, take a virtual tour!

What activities are available on campus?

The Event, Sport and Entertainment program students and faculty organize a variety of activities and parties in addition to the bi-annual cultural fair, talent shows, sports days and other adventures. The Student Government also organizes special events and student interest groups. 

What happens during the first week on campus?

Week one of the semester is “induction week”. During this time students take care of any accounting issues, missing documents, register for courses and receive their room keys. It is also an opportunity to discover the campus and meet faculty, fellow students and roommates.

Visit the Pre-Arrival Page to see the campus guides and other information about arrivals. 

Can I choose my roommate?

Rooms are randomly assigned to students. If you wish to make a request to share a room with someone particular, each student must send an email to the Student Affairs Department using the following email address:

How does the academic system work?

Please refer to the Academic Catalog for an explanation of the academic regulations. 

What is the weather like in Switzerland?

Glion campus is situated on the mountain, near Lake Geneva.  The micro-climate of the region means summer days and nights are warm and fairly humid, ranging from 18-30°C, with periodic rain. Winter temperatures range from 5-15° with a little snow. Bulle campus is located near the Lac de Gruyère and the mountains surrounding Le Moléson. The summer temperatures are warm (average 25°C) but the winters can be cold with frequent snow-fall.