16 February, 2017
European Hotel Managers Association

Mr. Sabiq Altaf Beg was given an award by the European Hotel Managers Association (AHMA) for his research paper on the theme of Luxury Disruptors. Sabiq Altaf Beg is a Semester 7 student of the BBA Bachelor in Hospitality Management with Real Estate Finance & Revenue Management specialization. He was presented with a certificate on February 16, 2017 and invited to present his paper at the annual EHMA Annual Conference in Amsterdam in March 2017.

14 Novembre, 2016
Best Innovation in an Educational Program

Industry professionals elected Glion the winner  of the “Best Innovation in an Educational Program" 2016, at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards, in Paris. This international competition allows hospitality companies to highlight their teams’ exemplary achievements showcasing the diversity of the global hospitality industry and an the most innovative efforts and concepts and  rewards innovative initiatives in education, including educational programs, sustainable development, international student exchange, etc. 

09 Novembre, 2016
Most Thought Provoking Research - IPoE Forum THE-ICE

 The recognition of “Most Thought Provoking” was presented to Dr. Martin Senior, Director of GIHE Research Centre and Online MBA, for his paper entitled “Overcoming the Implicit Bias in Scholarship” at the International Panel of Experts Forum, THE-ICE, November 9-16, 2016.This event was attended by numerous faculkty members and they presented their research activities relating to the hospitality industry, as it relates to learning and teaching methods in hospitality management schools. 

15 February, 2016
European Mise en Place Cup 2016

A team of Glion students won third place at the European Mise en Place Cup (EMCup) competition of 2016 that took place on February 14th and 15th in Maastricht. At the event, students from 30 European hospitality schools participated in an intense competition submitting projects on the theme "Surfing the Silver Wave", which addresses the impact of the growing number of senior citizens in the world and the implications for the hospitality and tourism industry. The team of students included Aisha DANGI, Perrine SIMMENAUER, Graham HART and Javad HAJIYEV, and they began working on their project in November of 2015 to prepare a thought-provoking and thorough project that won the interest of the judges of the compeittion.