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50 ans d'excellence dans la formation en management hôtelier
Glion Institut de Hautes Etudes est l’une des meilleures écoles de management hôtelier au monde: classée parmi les 3 meilleures selon le sondage mondial TNS 2013 et votée meilleure école de management hôtelier par les Worldwide Hospitality Awards en novembre 2015. Glion offre sur ses campus suisses et londonien un choix de programmes au niveau universitaire ou post-universitaire, ainsi que des programmes en ligne pour obtenir un MBA ou un certificat exécutif en cours d’emploi. Recevez des nouvelles régulières de Glion.

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22 | 07
When it comes to advancing one’s career in the hospitality industry, timing is important. The world of hospitality and tourism thrives on the rise and fall of seasonal demand and summer is an ideal...
21 | 07
This years’ Euro2016 by UEFA was the largest to-date as an estimated 2.4 million spectators filled the stadiums across France with over 4 million people visiting the 10 Host City Fan Zones, and...
20 | 07
Internships set the foundation of professional development and foster the “savoir-faire and savoir-vivre” that make hospitality graduates so popular with employers. At Glion, students choose their...
18 | 07
Nowadays, travel buffs are going to the ends of the Earth for the most authentic vacation experiences and this trend is creating some extraordinary new hospitality jobs. Here’s a look at the origins...

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  • First day of the semester for new Glioners starting this summer! 

  • The cultural fair is the perfect opportunity to experience Glion’s diverse student body first hand. With over 15 countries being represented, students, faculty and staff are welcome to try some typical cuisine, drinks, and enjoy traditional musics and costumes.

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