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About Glion

Hospitality Management School

Glion Institute of Higher Education is an international hospitality management institution in Switzerland. Opened in the fall of 1962 in the former Bellevue Hotel, Glion Hotel School (as it was then named) was the first private, university-level Swiss hotel management school. As a private, for-profit institution, GIHE has built its reputation for excellence and become a leader in hospitality education worldwide.

More than a simple hotel school, Glion Institute of Higher Education is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) to deliver programs leading to diploma, associate’s, bachelor’s, postgraduate and master’s level qualifications in international hospitality management and event, sport and entertainment management. 

Every year, GIHE provides post-secondary education for approximately 1,500 students from 90 countries around the world. The success of our graduates can be attributed to GIHE’s time-tested merger between university academics and the Swiss hotel school model, close ties with the hospitality industry, and an international university environment.  For over 50 years, thousands of graduates have gone through the Glion experience and carried on the famous "Glion Spirit" to represent our institution as leaders in the hospitality industry.  



Our Mission

Through its challenging academic programs, structured living environment, craft-based learning, and the “Glion Spirit”, the Glion Institute of Higher Education develops innovative leaders for a broad array of service industries.  

The Glion Institute of Higher Education offers management-focused programs for the hospitality and other service industries. With an emphasis on both didactic and craft-based learning, GIHE is European in its outlook, Swiss in its work ethos, American in its educational approach and multi-national in its student body.

All programs emphasize the development of generic thinking skills, the understanding of contemporary management theory, and the integration of theory and practice. The “Glion Spirit” and GIHE’s academic programs prepare for rapid progress to international managerial positions.

The values that guide GIHE as we work toward our vision are:

  • To provide educational breadth coupled with optional specializations
  • To work as reflective practitioners
  • To develop leadership, enterprise and entrepreneurial skills
  • To respect differences of culture
  • To act with integrity
  • To practice and teach the Swiss work ethos
  • To foster an international perspective
  • To mentor our students
  • To guide students to increasing responsibility
  • To provide students with an American style Student Services
  • To operate a sustainable business model and reflect this in our curriculum

A message from the CEO


The world of hospitality and service industries is experiencing unprecedented levels of growth. The travel and tourism industry alone is predicted to account for one in ten jobs worldwide by 2023.1 

Success in these industries cannot be presumed; only leaders with exceptional management skills, qualities, vision and drive can expect to rise to the top of their game.

Glion Institute of Higher Education has over 50 years of excellence in Swiss hospitality management education.  Our accredited degrees are internationally recognized and our alumni are some of the most respected industry leaders in the world.

Glion offers a unique blend of business-oriented academic programs and experiential learning. The TNS Survey 2013 ranked us among the top three hospitality management schools for an international career.

Every student will go through a process of rigorous leadership development in the course of their studies, which builds on their strengths and nurtures leadership skills and competencies.

At Glion Institute of Higher Education, students receive significant global exposure and experience. This is enhanced not just through the dynamic international student bodies, or the possibility of professional international internships, but also by the opportunities to transfer between our premier campuses in Switzerland and London. 

Every student can expect to receive theoretical and practical trainings that are relevant to the current industry trends and demands. Glion’s dedicated faculty of international practitioners and scholars works closely with our industry partners to develop the course content and study structures, and our advisory board consists of some of the most influential figures in the hospitality and service industry today.

By choosing Glion, you are choosing an education that sets foundations for life and provides the springboard for a successful career. You are choosing to join an academic community that will listen and respond to your needs, and a network of students and alumni that spans the globe. 
You are choosing to be part of the next generation of leaders.

Judy Hou
CEO Glion Institute of Higher Education

1 World Travel and Tourism Council, World Travel and Tourism Economic Impact, 2013