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Master of Science in International Hospitality Finance

Where Hospitality meets Finance!

This one-year MSc program will develop your financial management skills for diverse hospitality and service organizations. This degree is designed to put you on the fast-track to a corporate or entrepreneurial career with the following benefits:

  • Career Acceleration – Being a specialist for hospitality and finance will give you versatility and faster access to higher-paying positions.
  • Industry Recognition - Glion is ranked among the top hospitality schools in the world, giving you access to a highly-qualified faculty, and a network of recruiters, industry partners and Alumni for your life-long success.
  • Hybrid Program – This MSc is a hybrid program which follows one semester of academic courses on campus with one semester of online courses.  This structure will allow you to integrate the workforce sooner, and reduce your accommodation expenses. The program can be adapted with bridging courses or taken as a “follow-on” degree for recent bachelor degree graduates. 
  • Accreditation - Glion is accredited at university level by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.  


Program Overview

The MSc in International Hospitality Finance is a highly concentrated program that covers the principles and practices of financial management and practical applications to the hospitality industry. Through the MSc program, you will develop skills and analytical tools for financial decision making and personal strategies for producing innovative solutions to complex financial challenges.


MSc Student Profiles

MSc students may be required to complete bridging courses, depending on previous experience and educational background.




MSc Courses

The MSc program is divided into one academic semester on Bulle campus, and an online segment which can be completed in 6 months.

Preparatory Knowledge Program (PKP)
M912   Business Computing 

Core Courses (30 Credits )

Campus Based Segment
M923   Data  Driven  Decision Making  (3 credits)
M933   International  Managerial  Finance  (3 credits)
M943   Revenue  Management  (3 credits)
M934   Trends in  Financial  Innovation  (3 credits)
M935   Entrepreneurial  Wealth  Management  (3 credits)
M936   Financial  Leadership  (3 credits)

Online Segment
M960   Property and  Asset  Management  (3 credits)
M961   Financial  Strategy and  Planning  (3 credits)
M903   Applied  Dissertation  (6 credits)

Bridging Courses
(Requirement based on individual qualifications)

M913   Tourism  (1.5 credits)
M915   Fundamentals of Accounting  (1.5 credits)
M917   Introduction to the  Hospitality Business  (1.5 credits)


Career Development

Master’s level skills in hospitality finance are suitable for long-term career development with access to positions such as revenue management coordinator,  assistant  financial  controller, business  and  financial analyst, associate valuation analyst, and associate asset manager, and entrepreneur, depending on past experience.

Glion graduates have the opportunity to join the Glion Alumni Association, where they become life-long members of our worldwide network of alumni and industry partners. This membership gives them the opportunity to participate in social networking,  access employment opportunities and share their career advancement with other alumni.

Admissions Requirements


30 Credit Program

  • Bachelor Degree in Hospitality  Management or related domain
  • 6.0 IELTS or equivalent 
  • Hospitality  Management  degree  holding  applicants  with  no
    accounting knowledge will require a bridging course in accounting.

36 Credit Program

  • Bachelor Degree in Business
  • 6.0 IELTS or equivalent 


Tuition and Others Fees

Please click on the links below to have access to the tuition and fees of the hospitality programs as well as to see the terms and conditions: 

Tuition Fees for 2014.2 Intake