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Hospitality Management Degrees

Glion Hotel School Switzerland

Glion offers a wide range of hospitality management programs for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.

    - Business Administration
    - Sustainable Development in Tourism
    - Human Resources
    - Real Estate Finance and Revenue Management
    - Sales and Marketing
    - Event Management


Hospitality Management students


Glion Hotel School Mission

Serving the overall mission of the Institution, Glion Hotel School offers programs in the field of Hospitality designed to seek to develop professional competencies. To achieve this, the School provides students with traditional didactic and craft-based learning environments.

Furthermore special attention is given to encouraging students to apply the “Swiss work ethos” through a structured living environment and the “Glion Spirit”. Programs of study develop an understanding of a broad range of hospitality and business related subjects. Towards the end of their degree students may choose to focus on one area of study in greater depth by choosing a specialization for their degree.

Students develop generic thinking skills and where possible theory and practice are integrated to enhance learning. Students who graduate typically start their careers at a supervisory or assistant management level rapidly moving on towards management positions. They have a choice working in a range of hospitality work environments, such as hotels, catering companies, conference & leisure centers, restaurants, cruise liners, tourism offices and specialized financial firms.


Glion's three Academic Pillars 

Glion Hotel School’s reputation for excellence among Swiss hospitality management schools comes from the balanced combination of craft-based learning courses covering hotel and restaurant management practices, entrepreneurship, business administration, and general education

Professional Development
Professional development courses introduce students to the practical elements of the hotel, hospitality, tourism, and entertainment industries. Students will start with introductory courses for hotel and restaurant operations then progress towards specialized management courses for diverse hospitality organizations. An important element of all hotel management schools, the craft-based (hands-on) learning courses introduce students to the work environment and help them to acquire the professional attitudes and observation skills required within the service industries.

This important pillar reflects business subjects such as finance, marketing, and human resources management. The entrepreneurship courses focus on the practical application of management theory, with cases studies and examples from hospitality organizations. Students start with basic concepts of business administration in hotels and restaurants, and progress to general management practice, and finally move on to integrating strategic business development concepts.

General Education
At Glion Institute of Higher Education, we feel the elements of general education are useful in all areas of hospitality, tourism, events, sports as well as other service industries. The general education section in the curriculum expands our students’ awareness of different cultural subjects and helps them to appreciate their influence on business. These courses also ensure that students develop their professional writing, presentation, information technology, and inter-personal skills to meet hospitality industry standards.