A Hospitality Management Degree for Global Careers

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hospitality Management prepares students to be managers and entrepreneurs in the global service industries. It is a business degree and a hotel management degree that combines hands-on hospitality training and internships with management courses.


In the final year, students can choose a specialization track to sharpen their business expertise in Luxury Brand Management, Real Estate Finance and Revenue Management, or Sales and Marketing.


What you’ll gain from this hospitality management degree

Professional skills - You will learn to manage hospitality operations for hotels, restaurants and events through the hands-on courses and hotel management courses.

Real World Experience - Through the internships, you will have the chance to travel and gain one full year of professional experience in the international hospitality industry.

Soft Skills - You will develop skills that employers value including critical thinking, communication, creativity, innovation, problem solving, and collaboration.

Cultural Knowledge - Living and learning in a multicultural environment, you will develop an understanding of, and the skills to address, cultural, moral, ethical and environmental issues in international organizations.

Business Skills - Through applied business projects, specialization courses, and collaboration with the industry, you will learn to identify and solve business challenges in international organizations.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hospitality Management

Key Facts

Duration: 3.5 years

Internships: 2 x 6 months 

Location: Switzerland (Glion and Bulle) & London, UK

Intakes: January, April, July & October (from 2017)


For the bachelor degree in hospitality management, you can choose to:

  • Study in Switzerland, for all specializations
  • Study in London, for the BBA in Hospitality Management (no specialization)
  • Do the Multicampus Program: Semester 1 in Switzerland, then internship, Semester 3 & 4 in London and back to Switzerland for the final year and specialization courses.


BBA Program Sequence

Multicampus Bachelor Program


Semester 1 in Glion OR Semester 2 in London

Block 1: 

  • Practical Arts: Food and Beverage
  • Communication in the Service Industry
  • General Education Elective 

Block 2: 

  • Practical Arts: Room Division
  • Geopolitics
  • General Education Elective

Semester 2 in Glion or Semester 3 in London

Block 3 and 4: Internship

  • Practical Arts: In Practice Online Course

Semester 3 in Bulle or Semester 1 in London

Block 5: 

  • Rooms Division
  • Intercultural Management
  • Research Methods & Academic Writing
  • The Hospitality Business

Block 6: 

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Food and Beverage
  • General Education Elective

Semester 4

Block 7: 

  • Financial Accounting
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Two General Education Electives

Block 8: 

  • Essentials of Destination Management
  • Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Foundations of Human Resource Management

Semester 5 

Block 9 and 10: Internship

  • Reflection of Practice Online Course 

Semester 6

Block 11: 

  • International Business Law
  • Hospitality Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Management Finance

Block 12: 

  • Ethical Decision Making & CSR
  • Change Management
  • Global Economic Issues
  • Capstone Proposal

Semester 7

Block 13: 

  • Capstone Project
  • Research and Consultancy
  • Environmental Management
  • Project Management

Block 14: 

  • Innovation & New Product Development
  • Three Specialization Courses (see the brochure or Academic Catalog for details)

Note : All students will do a 6-month internship during semester 2 (if starting studies in Switzerland) or semester 3 (if starting studies in London). These course titles are guidelines and subject to change at any time. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for the final list.