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Discover the story of Glion Hotel School and the qualities of Swiss Hospitality Education



A Legacy of Swiss Hotel School Traditions

Switzerland has been a leader in hospitality since the late 1800s when the notion of tourism began to spread across Europe. It was one of the first destinations to offer holiday packages, health and wellness tourism, and organized excursions.  Swiss hotel management schools emmerged in the 20th century as international tourism began to grow and hospitality and tourism businesses needed more professional managers. The first hotel school in Switzerland was created in 1893 by a Swiss society of “hoteliers” (hotel managers), on the shores of Lake Geneva. 

Glion Hotel School:
55 Years of Excellence

Glion Hotel School was founded in the spring of 1962. The school’s founders, Walter Hunziker and Frederic Tissot were pioneers in the hospitality and tourism industry. Walter Hunziker was a specialized in academic research related to tourism. Frederic Tissot was an experienced hotelier and entrepreneur who had taken over a family business in the Swiss Alps. Together, they set out to create “the best hospitality management school in the world.” They opened their hotel school in the fall of 1962 in the grandiose old Hotel Bellevue on the mountainside above Montreux. Named the “Institut International de Glion”, it had a first class composed of 15 students from five countries.

Why study with Glion in Switzerland? 

In one word: Employability. Career readiness is one of the strongest arguments for Swiss hospitality education. Indeed, at Glion Institute of Higher Education, 89% of graduates have a job or multiple offers on graduation day (Graduation data 2016) because they have the skills, knowledge and confidence to be immediately effective in the workplace. That's why industry professionals voted Glion "Best Hospitality Management School in the World" at the 2015 Worldwide Hospitality Awards in Paris.


Swiss Hospitality Professionalism and Experience 

Our hospitality graduates know how to manage operations and people due to the hands-on hospitality training, hotel management courses, and internships.


Soft Skills and International Culture 

Living and learning in an international hospitality environment develops critical thinking, communication, creativity, problem solving, collaboration and multicultural understanding.


Hospitality Management & Business Skills  

Through applied business projects, specialization courses, and collaboration with the industry, students learn to identify and solve business challenges.


Our Programs in Switzerland

Hospitality Management Degrees

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hospitality Management (3.5 years) with specializations in Luxury Brand Management, Event Management, and Sales and Marketing

Diploma in Hospitality Management (1 year) is an exit point of the BBA for students who complete only the first semester of courses and internship


Event & Sport Management Degrees

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Event, Sport and Entertainment Management (3.5 years) with specializations in International Sport Management, International Entertainment Management, and Sales and Marketing.

Master's degrees

Master of Science (MSc) in International Hotel Management (1.5 years)

Master of Business Administration in International Hospitality & Service Industries Management with Campus based option (1 year), Hybrid option (1-2 years) and Online MBA option (2 years on average)

Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration (1 year 3 months) This program is only available as an exit point for students enrolled on the MSc in International Hotel Management (above)


Glion has a rolling admissions policy, applications are processed as soon as they are submitted. Students can receive confirmation of their admission throughout the year. 

Applicants need to allow enough time to complete the visa process. 

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