Glion London, Business & Hospitality School

Glion Institute of Higher Education in London opens up extraordinary opportunities for those who aspire to become a global leader in hospitality management. Studying in London, a leading international business and finance center, exposes management students to real world business operations, while London’s diversity helps students appreciate multicultural differences in hospitality management. Situated in Whitelands College – one of the oldest universities in England – Glion London campus offers a modern learning environment in historical buildings with  state-of-the-art facilities include outstanding lecture rooms, study areas, social spaces and superb accommodation. Located just 40 minutes from London’s West End, the variety of artistic, cultural and entertainment choices available to students is beyond compare.

Reasons to Study in London

As the only Swiss hospitality management school located in a London university setting, Glion Institute of Higher Education London offers unique advantages for international students.


London is the world’s most diverse city in terms of culture and ethnicity. It is home to more than 100,000 international students from 240 countries.

The Hospitality Capital of the World 

London was the world’s most visited city in 2014. It has more five-star hotels than anywhere in the world and 54 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Culture and Night life 

The city hosts 250 festivals every year, 17,000 music performances every year and features 200 shows every night.

Reasons to Study at Glion London

A Career Springboard

As the world's capital city of hospitality, London offers an ideal starting point for a global career in hospitality, tourism or service industries.

Academic Quality

Glion London delivers the same level of quality for the renowned and accredited programs Glion Institute of Higher Education offers in Switzerland.  

UK University

Located on the premises of the University of Roehampton (UoR), Glion London offers students the freedom, resources and facilities of a british university.

Experience London

London is a global hub for tourism and business, it is also the most popular city in the world for international students. 

Strong Connections

Glion London students complete their applied learning courses on the Swiss campuses, connecting with the industry leaders among the faculty, industry partners and alumni.

Glion London Campus Facilities

  • Historical campus, dating back to 1840
  • Roehampton university campus is composed of 4 colleges (centers of social life and accommodation) 
  • Many food outlets including cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and stores
  • Excellent IT infrastructure
  • On Campus accommodation, single rooms with en suite bathrooms
  • 24/7 Campus Security
  • Library with over 350,000 print books
  • Library is open 24 h/day during peak academic times
  • Wi-Fi available throughout the majority of the campus
  • Temporary employment service available