Start a high-flying global career with the master's in hospitality

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This Master of Science (MSc) in International Hospitality Business will prepare you to lead a high-flying career in the world's most prestigious international hospitality chains.


Offered in Switzerland and London, this program will give you the skills for managing people, operations and business in hotels and hospitality companies. The higher-level management courses in hospitality include finance, marketing, human resources, and revenue management; these are taught by our industry-experienced faculty members who bring their expertise and best-practice examples to the classroom.  The program ends with an internship for hands-on experience that will give you a chance to practice your new skills in a real-world hospitality work environment.


If you lack a foundation of hotel management skills, you can complete a 4-week Hospitality Immersion Program* on the Glion campus in Switzerland.  


Is this master degree right for you?

This program is designed for recent graduates or career changers who hold a bachelor’s degree—preferably in hospitality, tourism or event management, business, or an equivalent qualification—and limited or no work experience.


* The Hospitality Immersion Program  is 4-weeks long, optional, and provided at additional cost. Delivered before the start of the other master’s courses, it contains Practical Arts courses in kitchen, restaurant, pastry, oenology, hospitality economics, and hospitality accounting.

What will you gain from the master's in hospitality?

Five-Star Hospitality Management Training

If you lack a background or experience in hospitality, the Hospitality Immersion Program can teach you the professional standards of hospitality service and how to supervise operations with leading culinary and hospitality professionals.  This 4-week optional program covers kitchen, restaurant, pastry, oenology, hospitality economics, hospitality accounting.


Business Management Skills

In the classroom, you will learn to manage every department and function in a hospitality business and master the tools of the trade in simulated hotel development and revenue management projects with the guidance of experienced faculty members who share their insights and tips from the industry.  


Real World Experience

On field trips, you will put your knowledge to the test in real international hospitality businesses. For each project, you will conduct research and analyze data, prepare a presentation, and receive feedback from industry leaders.


Project Management & Specialization

For the Capstone Project, you will work on developing your critical thinking, research and writing skills to produce high-quality professional work and complete a project that you can proudly share in your portfolio and CV.

Master of Science (Msc) in International Hospitality Business

Key Facts

Duration: 2 academic semesters, plus one internship

Intakes: February and September

Location: Switzerland or Glion London, UK

Applied Learning: 4 weeks, optional, completed on the Glion campus in Switzerland


Semester 1 Courses

  • Hospitality Immersion Program
  • Advanced hospitality operations
  • International hospitality and service marketing
  • Managerial accounting and financial analysis
  • Revenue management and digital distribution strategy
  • Leadership and intercultural management

Semester 2 Courses

  • Hospitality business strategies
  • International HR management
  • Hospitality corporate finance
  • Business research and project management methods
  • Business field trip to Paris
  • Capstone Project 

6-month Internship



International Hotel Development and Finance

Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality