Rise to the top with a Master in Hotel Management

The Master of Science in International Hotel Management will prepare you to lead a high-flying career in the world's most prestigious international hospitality chains. It focuses on developing skills for managing people, operations and business in hotels and hospitality companies. To create a foundation of hotel management skills, you will complete a 10-week applied learning course on the Glion campus in Switzerland.  From there, you will advance to higher-level courses in hospitality management including finance, marketing, human resources, and revenue management.  The program ends with an internship for hands-on experience that gives students a chance to practice their new skills in a real-world work environment.


Is this master degree right for you?

This program is designed for recent graduates or career changers who hold a bachelor’s degree—preferably in hospitality, tourism or event management, business, or an equivalent qualification—and limited or no work experience.

Master of Science (Msc) in International Hotel Management Program

Key Facts

Duration: 1 year and 6 months (Internship included)

Academic Semesters: Two semesters on campus (4 study blocks)

Program Start Dates: January, April, July or October

Location: Switzerland (Bulle campus), or Glion London, UK

Applied Learning: 10 weeks, completed on the Glion campus in Switzerland


SEMESTER 1 (STUDY BLOCKS 1 & 2) - On Campus (15 credits)

  • Practical Arts (Glion campus)
  • Managing Hotel Operations
  • Advanced Accommodation Management
  • Strategic Event Planning
  • Entrepreneurial Food & Beverage Management

SEMESTER 2 (STUDY BLOCKS 3&4) - On Campus (15 credits)

  • Managerial Financial Accounting
  • Hospitality Services Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Business Research Methods

SEMESTER 3 (6 Credits)

  • Internship
  • Mastering Management Report

Some of the courses in Semester 2 (study blocks 3 & 4) may be taken online, depending on course availability. Students wishing to study courses online will be asked to complete a short non-credit Student Readiness Orientation (SRO) in advance of the online study to prepare them for the platform and virtual learning.

Students who wish to exit after having successfully completed the first three study blocks (24 credits) and do not wish to continue onto the MSc could be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Management.
These course titles are guidelines and subject to change at any time. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for the final list.