Business Degrees for Every Ambition

Glion offers the widest selection of business degrees of any hospitality management school, with options to study in Switzerland, London and online. Our graduate, postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in hospitality management or event management offer specializations for fast-growing global careers.

Glion’s undergraduate degrees and postgraduate diplomas build a foundation of career-readiness through applied learning in hospitality management or event management, combined with professional development and internships.

Our graduate degrees and business degrees with specializations focus on strategic management courses and industry trends in marketing, finance, tourism, sport management, entertainment, and sustainability.

At Glion, students find personalized hospitality education with interactive classroom settings, experienced faculty from the hospitality industry, and attentive program leaders. The presence of nearly 90 nationalities on campus ensures a truly multicultural university community, perfect for developing intercultural skills for today’s global job market.