Student Accounting

Glion aims to simplify fee payments as much as possible. However, please be aware that payment is different across the campuses and divided by tuition and accommodation.  

Invoice and Payments for Glion Switzerland

Details of fees and due date for the pre-payment can be found on the invoice in the acceptance package. To reserve special accommodation, you must pay the amount that covers your special accommodation fee, plus the pre-payment.

Invoice and Payments for Glion London

You will find two invoices in your acceptance package. Please follow the invoice payment schedule and keep receipts of all transactions.


This invoice covers your tuition fees and additional charges. The pre-payment fee is due within 30 days of receiving the acceptance package. If the pre-payment fee is not settled within two weeks after the pre-payment deadline your place / reservation at the school is forfeited.


This invoice covers your accommodation charges. Your accommodation invoice must be paid by May 15th for summer intake and November 15th for winter intake in order to reserve your room on Whitelands Campus.
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payment by international bank transfer & credit card - For semesters in Glion and Bulle

1. Visit and choose your country and the amount you are paying in CHF
2. Choose your payment method and make your payment
3. Enter your details and those of the student you are paying for
4. Track and confirm your payment by email, SMS or by logging into