Summer Experience Program

The Glion Summer Experience offers a first-class introduction to the world of luxury hospitality and a taste of  the bachelor degree program with a choice of three holiday courses.


London – one-week course. Learn what it takes to manage an international business through workshops and field trips to world famous hospitality companies including a visit to a luxury establishment and a tour of a premier sports arena.

Glion – one-week course.  You will arrive in the birthplace of hospitality – Switzerland. Here you will learn hands-on hospitality skills in kitchen, service and rooms division, visit local attractions, and see first-hand how Swiss chocolate is made.
Combine London and Glion – two-week course. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in hospitality from two cultural perspectives, you can choose to complete both the week in Switzerland and the United Kingdom for a two-week course..

What You'll experience

In both locations, you will learn from the best as you participate in introductory lectures and workshops by Glion’s distinguished faculty and visiting speakers such as Chef Benoit Carcenat, who previously worked in one of the best gastronomic restaurants in Europe.

Learn Skills in:
  • Restaurant concept and design

  • Food preparation and planning

  • Luxury hospitality

  • Five star customer service

Knowledge of:
  • The key facts, figures and trends  of the global hospitality industry

  • The key concepts of daily operations within the industry

  • Memorable luxury experiences
  • Global business practices

Competencies to:
  • Working in a multicultural environment - meet and work alongside students and teachers from countries around the world

  • Team work through group activities, projects and workshops

Summer Experience Overview


Glion - Switzerland: 22-29 July 2018
London - United Kingdom: 29 July-4 August 2018
Glion - Switzerland : 22-29 July 2018 = CHF 2,500  
London - United Kingdom: 29 July - 04 August 2018 = GBP 2,000  
Combined London and Glion: 22 July - 04 August 2018 = CHF 5,450
Any student who enrolls on a Glion or Les Roches undergraduate degree program after completing the Summer Experience will have the Summer Experience fees deducted from the first semester’s tuition fees.

See the program flyers for details about the Terms & Conditions. 

Summer Experience admission requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Between 15 and 19 years old 
  • Must hold a valid passport. Nationals of any country can apply and follow the process for obtaining a visa for the United Kingdom and Switzerland if required

  • If English is not your first language, or if you have not spent the last three years studying in a school where English is the primary language of instruction, please enclose a copy of one of the following: International English Lanugates Test (IELTS) with a minimum of 4.5 / Test of English as a Freing Language (TOEFL) with a minimum of 45 / First Cambridge Exam Grade C / A letter of recommendation from a high school teacher

Apply to the Summer Experience

1. Submit your application 

Complete and submit your Summer Experience application form as soon as possible. Due to a high demand for places, we strongly recommend that you apply as early as possible.

Apply online for Switzerland

Apply online for London

2. Proof of English

If you do not have one, your counselor can attest to your English level

3. Complete your motivation letter

Why do you want to join the Summer Experience? A recommendation letter will also be acceptable

4. Parent / legal guardian consent

If you are under 18, have your parent/legal guardian fill in and sign the parental consent and declaration form available at the bottom of this page

5. Acceptance letter

Along with your acceptance letter, you will recieve a welcome package and an invoice

6. Arrange payments

Within 15 days after receipt of invoice and no later than 15th June 2018

7. Arrival on Campus

The start of your summer experience. Here is what to expect:

on your arrival day we will gree you with a welcome booth at deignated airport and provide you with transportation services