NYC has so much to offer a young student on internship in hospitality! Astried Arini (Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management 2016 ) shares her favorite things to do in NYC during her internship in the rooms division department at The Chatwal, in New York City.

Life on internship in New York City

New York is my dream place to visit and work, so I had some places on my list that I really wanted to visit while I was on internship. Furthermore, as time flies and I knew more people from my internship place, I made some friends and we went to explore and spend time in this famous “Concrete Jungle”.

Here’s a list and the pictures of my favorite things to do in New York on internship.

#1 – The Empire State Building – My first day off, I did it!

#2 – Times Square at Night

#3 – The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market

#4 – Korean Barbecue – 32nd Street – Biggest Korean Barbecue joint in Korea Town

#5 – Halal Guys – 53rd Street – Must try comfort food in NYC

#6 – Sarabeth’s Central Park South – Brunch with a view & best Eggs Benedict and pancakes in town

#7 – Bali Nusa Indah Restaurant – Indonesian Food – When I missed Indonesia, I went to this authentic place

#8 – Coney Island – Summer time – A beautiful beach and famous Luna Park

#9 – St. Patrick’s Cathedral – To celebrate mass and gratitude

#10 – Broadway – Theater in New York is a must-see and The Phantom of The Opera is my favorite.

#11 – Central Park – The Chatwal’s company picnic

#12 – Rockefeller Center – Beautiful Christmas tree and ice skating place

#13 – International Friendship – Glion spirit!

Ok, so it’s not a place in New York City…it’s simply one of the best things about studying at Glion. You can meet your friends everywhere! And having the quick catch-up about our experience with best ice cream in town never goes wrong.

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