Glion Ranked No.1 Best Hospitality School for Employer Reputation

Over the past decade, Glion Institute of Higher Education has received top rankings and awards for the best hospitality management schools from a variety of academic and industry sources.

This year, Glion was ranked among the five top hospitality management schools in the world according to the QS World University Rankings 2018 for Hospitality and Leisure Management and placed first in employer reputation.

Here are some tips for understanding ranking studies, the highlights from the QS hospitality school ranking and the reasons why Glion consistently ranks among the best hospitality schools in the world.

What do university and hospitality school rankings mean?

In general, university or hospitality school rankings evaluate higher education institutions and programs based on a set of criteria, using data collected through surveys, and then compare those results to establish an order of ranking. When researching university programs, ranking studies can help you to compare similar institutions based on relevant criteria.

There is no such thing as a globally recognized ranking study, so it’s important to do your own research on each ranking. A reliable ranking study will always provide a methodology statement explaining the metrics for the study, the population surveyed and the results in a clear, concise manner. In the end, a ranking is just one of the factors to consider as you look for the best university or hospitality management program for you.

2018 Hospitality Schools Ranking by QS Top Universities

For the field of higher education, QS Top Universities is a leader in international ranking studies that publishes a yearly ranking by program category. For the Hospitality and Leisure Management category, the ranking evaluates top hospitality schools around the world according to six metrics:

  • Academic Reputation
  • Employer Reputation
  • Faculty/Student Ratio
  • Citations per faculty
  • International Faculty Ratio
  • International Student Ratio

QS Top Universities employs a consistent, transparent methodology for compiling these metrics and you can learn about the methodology of the hospitality schools ranking here.

Swiss Hotel Schools Rank High Among Top Hospitality Schools in the World

According to the QS hospitality school ranking study, four out of the ten top hospitality schools in the world are Swiss hotel schools. Since Switzerland is where the traditions of hospitality management education were formed, it’s no surprise to see Swiss hotel schools ranking high among the best hospitality schools in the world. Furthermore, the results of the study’s Employer Reputation metric show that Swiss hotel schools achieved the top four scores demonstrating that Swiss hospitality schools remain the masters in this career field retaining the preference of industry professionals and hiring managers.

Glion is the Best Hospitality School for Employment

In the QS ranking, Glion earned a perfect score (100), making it the best hotel school in the category of Employer Reputation. This metric evaluates how well the university or program prepares students for the employment market. The QS Employer Reputation metric “is based on over 40,000 responses to our QS Employer Survey, and asks employers to identify those institutions from which they source the most competent, innovative, effective graduates. The QS Employer Survey is also the world’s largest of its kind.”

Why Glion ranks among the top hospitality management schools in the world

Over the past decade, Glion Institute of Higher Education has consistently figured among the top hospitality management school rankings and awards nearly every year. These acknowledgements come mainly from the industry, where 14,000 Glion alumni are working as successful managers, leaders and entrepreneurs and where around 750 Glion student interns also attest to the quality of the school’s curriculum and international culture.

Here are the reasons why Glion is known as one of the world’s best hotel management schools following the six categories evaluated in this most recent hotel school ranking study:

Academic Reputation – Glion Institute of Higher Education offers high-quality bachelor’s and master’s hospitality programs with university-level accreditation combining three unique elements: practical learning in five-star hospitality facilities, a curriculum for business skills and leadership development, and industry-relevant specializations. These are the elements that make our graduates stand out from the rest and have earned our reputation for academic excellence.

Employer Reputation – The QS findings reflect Glion’s solid reputation among hiring managers and employers in the hospitality and service industries. Indeed, Glion graduate employment data indicates that 98% of job-seeking students have one or more employment opportunities on graduation day, more than 150 companies come to the Glion campuses every year to recruit top talent, and the school receives an average of 3.2 internship offers per student, every semester.

Faculty/Student Ratio – Among the world’s top hotel management schools, Glion is a close-knit, private institution with around 1,650 students on three campuses. The school aims to maintain small class sizes for one-on-one interactions and student teacher ratios that range from approximately 1 to 15 for the practical arts classes to 1 to 35 for the academic classes.

Citations per Faculty- Industry research is an important aspect of academic life at Glion. Our senior faculty members bring industry challenges and trends into the classroom as they conduct and publish research, contribute to industry panels and host conferences on campus.

International Faculty Ratio – Glion has a distinguished and diverse range of faculty members allowing students to learn from the very best in their respective fields and to gain unique cultural perspectives from the industry. For example, among the senior culinary and service instructors at Glion, many have achieved the distinguished title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

International Student Ratio – On two campuses in Switzerland and one in London, Glion offers an exciting, multicultural student life experience. Glion is home to international students representing 99 nationalities (56% Europe, 6% Americas, 32% Asia-pacific, 6% Africa and Middle East). This close-knit, diverse community creates a unique learning and living environment for future hospitality professionals.

Learn more about Glion’s Hospitality Management programs.

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Glion and Bvlgari talk luxury retail at exclusive event

Glion and Bvlgari talk luxury retail at exclusive event

When someone mentions the word ‘hospitality’ to you, do you only think of hotels and restaurants? If so, there is so much more to the industry than that. While working in one of those two areas is exciting and rewarding, a hospitality degree can also see you work in events, resorts and with luxury brands. In terms of the latter, world-renowned Italian company Bvlgari often look to employ our students due to their skills, knowledge and experience with luxury brands.

Recently, Bvlgari hosted an exclusive event for future Glion students at their Prague store. Store manager Silvia Patrova gave an insightful presentation about the Bvlgari brand and its similarities with Glion. Julia Tokareva, Regional Admissions Director for Eastern, Central Europe and Caucasus, also shared an enlightening presentation on the thrilling world of luxury brands.

Unique learning experiences

Julia’s presentation provided real-life examples of Glion alumni that have moved into different industries. Glion enables its graduates to do so by teaching them core skills in finance, project management, marketing and more. In addition, with just under 100 nationalities represented at Glion, learning in such a multicultural atmosphere provides students with a global perspective.

It is hard work, but the transformations I see are incredible. I don’t recognise my own students at graduation.”

“There is no typical scenario at Glion,” Julia explained. “All of our students are different and have different dreams. Some of them want to work in the food & beverage sector, while others want to work in luxury retail. We push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to travel. This is so you can learn new skills and develop your language competencies, both of which are important to employers.”

Julia discussed that there is more to learn than just core skills. “We teach you that every detail is important,” she said. “It’s not just about how good you are academically. It’s also about how you present, your posture and how you approach people. It is hard work, but the transformations I see are incredible. I don’t recognise my own students at graduation.”

Premium education, luxury career

Silvia also spoke about the history of Bvlgari. Founded by Greek national Sotirio Bulgari in 1857, he opened his first store in Rome in 1884. Since then, the company has continued to grow, and became part of the world-leading LVMH Group in 2010. Silvia discussed how Glion and Bvlgari share the same philosophy, of building from tradition and shaping the world of modern luxury.

Silvia also spoke about the role of luxury brands in modern hospitality. “Years ago, for clients, it was enough to have a nice brand,” she said. “Now, however, the brand itself is not enough. It is all about unique experiences.” This echoes our Luxury Brand Management specialisation – creating the perfect customer experience is key. You have to make unforgettable moments, go the extra mile, and be open to new trends and changes.

Bvlgari privatised their Prague store especially for the event. Following the presentations, a Q&A session was held and attendees got to enjoy a cocktail to finish off an insightful, highly engaging evening.

Interested in working with some of the world’s most renowned luxury brands? Want to enter a unique, constantly evolving industry focused on creating amazing memories? Our Luxury Brand Management specialisation is the course for you. Register your interest today and a dedicated Education Counsellor will get in touch.

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Glion students cook up exciting MasterChef competition

Glion students cook up exciting MasterChef competition

Recently, we announced that Glion would be hosting its own international MasterChef competition. On Wednesday 6 June, the event took place at our Bulle campus, with students showing off their cultural heritage and culinary flair in front of an expert judging panel.

An amazing event

Our students come from all over the world, often representing multiple nationalities. So what better way to demonstrate this than with a cooking competition? For those that are not familiar with the show, MasterChef is a global television series in which talented cooks compete against one another. Inspired by the show, student ambassadors Paul Leguay and Giuseppe Lombardi decided a MasterChef-style competition would be the perfect platform for Glion students to show off their skills.
“It gives people from different countries the opportunity to cook using their own cultural knowledge,” they said. “We have tried to create a multicultural event without removing the competitive spirit. Finally, we want the competition to be a caring and friendly game, one that allows participants to have freedom in their choices.”

Global competition

Six teams took part, representing China, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, the Middle East, and Egypt / Morocco. While a few team members cooked, the rest of them attended country stands. While here, they encouraged the 150 attendees to taste different food and drink from the participating regions.

The event was livestreamed in the lobby, with a judging panel made up of six Glion representatives. Benoit Carcenat and Fabien Foare, both winners of the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France award, joined head chef Thierry Ray as the culinary experts of the panel. Additionally, student advisor Paul Chappel, Audrey Reynauld, Bachelor Programs Manager, and student ambassador Francesca Stellino completed the jury.

Tasting victory

The MasterChef competition proved to be a roaring success. Our students loved taking part – they were so enthused by the event that they have already begun forming teams for next semester. However, there could only be one winner. After conferring, the judges announced China as the victor, with France following closely behind.

As a result, the judges awarded China with some amazing prizes:

  • Professional knives
  • Kitchen books
  • Champagne
  • A plate of cured meats, cheeses and breads
  • Personalised kitchen vest

Finally, everybody got to enjoy a celebratory cocktail together. This brought to a close an amazing and enlightening event. Here’s to next time!

Wonderful events and exciting competitions are just a small part of what Glion has to offer. If you’re interested in studying at Glion, simply share your details here and one of our dedicated Education Counselors will be in touch.

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Hotel Victoria – a hotel with amazing history and great tradition

Hotel Victoria – a hotel with amazing history and great tradition

When you study at Glion, you get to engage and collaborate with some of the world’s finest organisations. We do this through a variety of methods, including our Applied Business Projects (ABPs), in which our students work closely with a leading hotel, restaurant or brand on an exciting project.

One fantastic establishment who have chosen to collaborate with us is the Hotel Victoria. Opened in 1869, the historic hotel has a rich heritage and excellent reputation, and is part of Relais & Châteaux, a collection of some of the world’s finest boutique hotels and resorts. Hotel Victoria is currently working with four of our BBA International Hospitality Business students on an exciting ABP, growing the hotel’s online presence and ensuring it remains one of Switzerland’s most unique hotels.

A hotel like no other

Not only is it a hotel that shares the same values as Glion, it shares the same place – Hotel Victoria is located just under ten minutes’ walk from our flagship campus, in the gorgeous village of Glion-sur-Montreux. As current co-owner Barbara Mittermair says, “it makes perfect sense to work with Glion as we are so close to one another.”

Barbara and her husband Toni have owned the hotel since 1985. Toni takes particular care in personally choosing the hotel’s produce, using local fishermen, gardeners and wine growers. Over the years, Toni has also acquired over 500 objects and collector’s items, giving the hotel an amazing, unique atmosphere. This individuality stretches to the rest of the hotel – each room is personalised and different from one another, while guests can also enjoy sitting on a shady terrace facing stunning views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps.

Elsewhere, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. Hotel Victoria includes a swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness room, sauna and golf course, meaning you have a variety of options to pass the time. The hotel’s clientele ranges from loyal guests who come to enjoy the breathtaking views and attentive service, to leading industry professionals attending onsite conferences.

Fantastic heritage

Hotel Victoria originally opened as the modest Hotel du Midi, before Madeleine Müller upgraded the establishment and changed its name. A number of owners have been in charge of the hotel over the years, adding to the history and heritage of the establishment. The four-star hotel became part of Relais & Châteaux in 1975.

The hotel’s Montreux location is very popular with tourists, particularly those interested in seeing the Chateau de Chillon. An island castle situated on Lake Geneva, Chillon was made popular by Lord Byron, who penned the acclaimed poem The Prisoner of Chillon in 1816.

The hotel’s heritage will be highlighted further in 2019, with Barbara saying a “big event” is on the cards to celebrate Hotel Victoria’s 150th anniversary. Barbara and Toni have ensured the qualities that define Hotel Victoria – charming service, individuality and a welcoming atmosphere – are felt as strongly today as they were when the hotel first opened.

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Top tips to beat exam stress

Top tips to beat exam stress

Exam season can be one of the most stressful times of your life. While it can feel like there is so much work to do, and lots of information to take in, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. To help you, we’ve listed some top study tips to make sure you absorb what you need without getting too stressed out. And if you do feel anxious, our suggestions on tackling exam stress should do the trick.

Top five study tips

Preparing for exams can be difficult, especially if you keep putting it off. Following these five tips will help you enter your exam room feeling relaxed and confident.

1). Give yourself plenty of time – Try not to leave your revision until the last minute, as that will see your stress levels go through the roof. Creating a revision timetable, and sticking to it, will really help you to organise your study time effectively.

2). Organise your study space – Think about where you are going to study. If it’s in your room, make sure it’s clean, tidy and has enough light coming in. Trying to learn in a cluttered, darkened environment won’t help you study efficiently, so ensure you have a space where you feel comfortable and can focus.

3). Use previous exams to practice – If you are able to locate previous exam questions related to your subject, make the most of them. This is a great way to get used to the style and format of the questions. It’s also a good idea to time yourself, to help you get used to spending the correct amount of time on each question.

4). Discuss your answers with others – It’s important to try and get feedback about your answers from others, especially if you study alone. Whether it’s friends or family, don’t be afraid to ask them if they think your answers are on the right track.

5). Study with friends – Some people prefer to revise solo, but a group study session can be a great way to learn new things, exchange ideas and reduce some of the tension.

Managing exam stress

While it’s good not to enter an exam room feeling overconfident, it’s equally important not to let your stress levels get out of hand. Being panic-stricken isn’t going to help you do your best. Symptoms of stress can include tiredness, lack of appetite, blurred vision and increased heart rate. But there are many ways to ensure stress does not get the better of you. Here are some examples:

  • Take regular breaks – It’s important to study hard, but don’t let it take up all of your time. If you feel you’re beginning to feel stressed, take some time out.
  • Do some exercise – Whether it’s going for a run, hitting the gym or just a quick walk down the street, exercise is a great way to destress, as well as keeping you alert.
  • Eat right, sleep well – Try to get a good eight hours of sleep. Avoid revising in bed and ensure you fuel your brain with healthy food.
  • Avoid exam post mortem – Once the exam is over, try not to over-analyse it. There is nothing worse than hearing your classmate wrote something different for a question or to hear they found the exam easy when you struggled. It’s too late to change your answers, so relax.

By following the tips above, you can conquer your exam fears and be fully prepared for success this exam season.

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