Glion London students had the pleasure of attending the Passion4Hospitality conference in London on March 13th in the company of Vivien Ivanyi, Lecturer and Business Development & Partnerships Manager at Glion Institute of Higher Education.

This event focused on hospitality career tips given by leading industry professionals who have expertise in the areas of general management, recruitment, talent management, entrepreneurship and partnerships and who have themselves led exceptional careers.

Putting Glion students in touch with these influential people creates valuable opportunities for them to learn by example, to ask questions and to strengthen their network for the day when they embark on their first career steps. For this event, attendance was required for Semester 4 students.

The pay-off was exceptional, as the students got 30 professional tips on how to lead an inspiring hospitality career!

Ways to optimize your hospitality career

The event began with a warm welcome from Peter Ducker, FIH Chief Executive at the Institute of Hospitality. The first panel discussion on “Where in the world will your hospitality career take you?” was facilitated by Liz Hartstone, Managing Director of Liz Hartstone Executive Search. Panelists included Vivien Ivanyi, Lecturer and Business Development & Partnerships Manager at Glion Institute of Higher Education; Daniel Healy, General Manager, The Bloomsbury London; and Jessica Berry, Talent Manager, Firmdale Hotels.

Tips to make your hospitality career go far and rise fast:

  1. Work hard
  2. Use networking opportunities
  3. Make things happen for yourself
  4. Plan for your own progression
  5. Learn another language
  6. Q: What transferable skills were useful between moving careers? VI: Leadership skills, you learn more about yourself and other cultures, different perspectives and how to manage different people from different backgrounds and work with them. LH: Throw yourself in.
  7. Q: What are recruiters looking for? JB: Your CV needs to send out as they get 900-1000 CVs a week!! Important to add the reason why they (the applicant) wants to work there and research the brand. When asked if she looks for a photograph in a CV, Jessica replied that she doesn’t expect one.
  8. Closing remark by LH: Travel is a great educator.

Take control of your hospitality career

This second session was presided over by Peter Ducker, FIH Chief Executive at the Institute of Hospitality, with insights from Antony Woodcock, Antony Woodcock, Co-founder and CEO, Gig; and Adam Rowledge, General Manager, The Georgian House Hotel.

Antony Woodcock is the Co-founder and CEO at Gig, a company that provides a “temporary shift work marketplace by connecting businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors with millennials looking to flex their working lives more readily around their lifestyles.” According to Antony’s LinkedIn profile, “As Managing Director of gig my full time focus is now on developing both the gig concept and brand across the UK with a future vision to enter the Continental European market.” He encouraged young professionals to spot the latest trends for potential opportunities and take control of one’s career strategically. Here are his top tips:

  1. Be informed – Set aside each day to find out what’s happening in your industry by making full use of trade publications and newsletters. Information is key and also what you do with that.
  2. Be inquisitive – Ask questions, speak to your manager and get an understanding of what opportunities will be available to you. Be vocal and open to new experiences. Share your ideas with your line manager, they will appreciate it.
  3. Get tangible experience – Don’t be afraid to seek other opportunities. 91% of millennials only stay with the company no longer than 3 years.
  4. Gain transferable skills – Work a variety of roles and get fundamental knowledge of the industry through operational experience.
  5. What’s next? – Keep the hospitality industry up to scratch, keep moving forward and keep leading and be part of the changes happening.
  6. Use technology the right way without removing the personal touch and customer service which make hospitality.
  7. Don’t be afraid to make bold decisions.


Adam Rowledge is the General Manager at The Georgian House Hotel, a family-run boutique hotel that boasts five stars, 63 bedrooms and apartments and features Harry Potter-themed wizard chambers and “muggle tours” in central London. From this foundation of heritage and creativity, Adam urged young hospitality professionals to follow their ambition by remaining true to self.

  1. Strong Values – “Values are who you are even when no one is watching.”
  2. Pre-Write your CV – Who do you want to work for? Ask yourself also what other roles do you need to or want to hold? Do you want to work abroad? What does your network need to look like?
  3. Dig deeper and make a difference – On the job, don’t just aim to impress quickly. Understand the business at a deeper level, and ask questions. Provide valuable contributions that make a difference.
  4. Build your network – There are many industry professionals to learn from. Take advantage of all networking opportunities.
  5. Get involved with publications, contribute and put yourself forward. For example, The Caterer always looking for stories.
  6. Never stop exploring and improving.
  7. Attend conferences and Insight Forums.
  8. Work with amazing people.
  9. Find a mentor – You can take part in the mentorship program at the Institute of Hospitality
  10. Seek feedback – Feedback is a gift, actively seek it out. Think about it objectively. Get more feedback. Take action when it’s appropriate.


Summary: Create a career roadmap to success

The presentations concluded with a summary of five focus points for building a hospitality career that you will love and that will allow you to grow throughout your professional and personal life.

  1. Invest time in focusing on putting yourself in the position you want to be
  2. Work out where and how to get there
  3. Push yourself to get there and take all the help you can get
  4. Remember life is about a journey not the destination
  5. Remember to give back

We’d like to thank Vivien Ivanyi for coordinating our participation in the conference and Alexandra Nemeth, our Marketing Executive at Glion London for taking notes and photos for us to share on the blog. Also we thank our Glion London students who attended and represented Glion with their excellent professionalism and insightful questions.

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