Glion alumna Jessica Wong learnt that resilience was key to her future while studying the PG Certificatein Hospitality Relations. Those traits led her to securing a successful internship in public relations at The Communications Store (TCS). While there, luxury hotel chain The Peninsula Hotels became her favourite client. A few years later, Jessica landed her dream job with the hotel, working as Director of Public Relations in their Beverly Hills in-house team.

A job with unpredictability and excitement

The Peninsula Hotels have a selection of five-star hotels across the globe. Based in Hong Kong, its flagship hotel opened in 1928, and since then nine other hotels have opened. Two more buildings are scheduled for completion, including one in London.

For Jessica, who graduated from Glion in 2010, working for The Peninsula Hotels is exciting and constantly changing. “Working in-house at a hotel is incredible – no two days are the same because of the extraordinary level of activity going on,” she said. “There’s the hotel itself, the spa, three restaurants and a bar, so a lot to talk to media about. I work very closely with the operations team to come up with initiatives that keep the property relevant locally, nationally and internationally.”

While working in Beverly Hills, Jessica has worked on The Belvedere remodel project, which included a complete rebranding of the hotel’s signature restaurant. “It was an enormous undertaking for the property, the first time something like this had happened for 25 years,” said Jessica. “It was eye-opening to see a restaurant launch come together in-house vs. from an agency perspective. There is so much going on – so many little details – and it’s just fascinating to see it all unfold and to have a hand in the decision-making process. It’s one of those instances where you can really see your work come to life.”

The road to Beverly Hills

Before her current role, Jessica progressed from Glion to King’s College, London. “While still in London, I started an internship at TCS, I worked on the Lifestyle team, where I supported account teams working across food, travel, wellness and luxury lifestyle,” she said. “During my four years at TCS, I was lucky to move quickly up the ranks, and, over the course of several promotions, rise to Senior Account Manager specializing in food and travel.”

Life lessons from Glion

Alongside valuable hospitality skills, Jessica also learnt other key attributes from her time with Glion. “One of the most important things I learnt was resilience,” she said. “I think it’s important not to take things personally, because hearing no all the time can quickly get you down. I move on quickly and focus on the reasons for rejection – did I not do my research? What changes can I make next time? You’re going to hear no a lot and dwelling on it will just slow you down.”

Alongside these lessons, Jessica also has some wonderful memories. “I made some wonderful friends at Glion. In spite of the short length of the post-graduate program, I still feel incredibly close to so many of the people I met. In fact, I keep in touch with many alumni and know that they will be friends for life.

“Being a Glion alumni means I am part of an amazing, global network.”

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