Name: Kevin Faycal
Graduation year: Dec 2015
Nationality: French/Lebanese
Program: Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management
Job title: Business Development Consultant, Salesforce
Alumnus Kevin Faycal combined the power of Glion connections with his passion for tech to build a leadership career after graduation. Through internships, the Alumni Network and hard work, he has held roles in Revenue Management, PR and even run his own company. Now, as Business Development Consultant for Salesforce, he shares his journey and insight.

Kevin is in no doubt that his hospitality education equipped him with the expertise and network to build a successful career. “Glion gave me all the tools to succeed, I actually got my internship following my graduation through a company visit during my last semester.

“Following this, I signed my first ever full-time contract working in revenue management for Kuoni in London thanks to an alumni who recruited me. In short, the alumni network always helped me to move forward in my career. As for the rest, I worked as hard as I could to pursue a career in a tech industry, which I am passionate about.”

Real-world, international experiences

In every sector of hospitality, employers are increasingly in-search of leaders that can bring a combined operational and front office skillset. “During my time in Glion the best thing that happened to me was to develop my soft skills and this is undeniably what made me succeed in all my roles up to date. Given such a multicultural environment we lived in, I got to better understand my colleagues and always favoured teamwork”, he said.

“In addition, my studies gave me the opportunity to pursue two internships abroad. Those international experiences helped me to grow confidence in myself, have the right attitude, think outside of the box and eventually be ready to enter the professional world.”

A hospitality skillset that opens doors

Kevin’s role as a Business Development Consultant (Switzerland) at Salesforce is further proof that a leadership hospitality education opens doors in multiple industries. “My role is to help and guide major companies in the Swiss market in their digital transformation”, he said.

“In other words, I play an essential role when it comes to helping companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way. My biggest added value to Salesforce is my knowledge and network when it comes to dealing with the Swiss market.”

A learning mindset

Like all successful leaders, Kevin is keen to keep learning and developing, and sees an excellent opportunity to achieve this within Salesforce. “In five years, I see myself still part of the Salesforce journey. I believe I finally found the best fit for my career but also a company that value and recognize my work, and encourage me to grow within the organization”, he commented.

“Undeniably, there is a reason why Salesforce, the world’s best cloud computing company, was also voted the best company to work for in Europe for the second consecutive year.”

“I would say that Artificial intelligence is a big trend.”

Being immersed in one of the most cutting-edge tech companies in the world gives Kevin a unique perspective on the potential impact of new technologies. “I am fascinated by the tech industry. It is a very fast-paced working industry where mergers and acquisitions are quite frequent, but also an environment that encourages innovation”, he said.

“Without any hesitation I would say that Artificial Intelligence is a big trend right now. Not only does it create competitive advantages for any company who deploys it, but it is also creating and crafting the jobs of the future.”

“Do what is right for you and money will eventually follow!”

Kevin was only too happy to share his advice for a successful career. “Do not rush! Being part of an organization is a tremendous experience where you get to challenge yourself everyday. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from your mistakes and personally grow”, he commented.

“If you are worried about the financial aspect of being employed, I would give you the same advice I received from my VP during my first working experience: Do what is right for you and money will eventually follow!”

Thank you to Kevin for taking the time to share his career journey, advice and insight into the tech industry. We wish him every success with his future and he is a true asset to the Glion Alumni Network.

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