When you want to attract and retain the very best talent in hospitality, you need the help of the very best talent to make it happen. Boutique hotel and gourmet restaurant brand, Relais & Châteaux recently launched a new HR strategy designed to attract international talent and keep them for the long-term. They asked Glion students to help them roll it out as part of their Applied Business Project (ABP).

What is an ABP?

The ABP is part of the final year of the Glion BBA in International Hospitality Business. Students take part in a real-world business project, working remotely with a business to deliver a strategic, marketing or operational goal. The reward for students is the opportunity to gain real-world experience before graduation, putting their knowledge to the test.

For the business, they gain the energy and knowledge of students who bring the latest industry techniques and approach to find innovative solutions to a business challenge.

Who are Relais & Châteaux?

Established in 1954, Relais & Châteaux is the result of top hoteliers teaming up with talented chefs. Rather than a chain of hotels, they are an association of 550 properties in 63 countries, all set in stunning locations with independent owners, Maîtres de Maison and chefs. Their shared focus is on creating a unique personal experience with the very best amenities and outstanding fine dining.

5-Star talent for a 5-Star service

Carolina Korody, Human Resources – Membership Services at Relais & Châteaux, explains the aim of the collaboration. “Relais & Chateaux has just created a new HR service to assist members worldwide in terms of attracting talent, promoting the brand, recruiting candidates and trying to keep employees within the association.”

“We decided to contact Glion because we have some challenges that we wanted to address with their very creative students in terms of putting in place this new HR strategy worldwide.”

Gaining a global perspective from Glion students

When you’re setting new standards in the international hospitality industry, you need the very best talent in all areas – front house, F&B, housekeeping, management – to ensure the customer experience level remains high. For Carolina, it was clear how Glion students could help make this happen on a global scale.

“We selected Glion to assist us with this business project because, first of all, they have very international students and this is something important for us as we are an international association, so we have to have this perspective of different nationalities. And the second reason is because we need young energy and we need creativity for this project.”

What first impressions did you have of the students?

Right from the start, Carolina has been impressed with the level of knowledge, passion and commitment the Glion students have shown. “I’ve been in touch with the group of students that is assisting us with this project. I see that they are really into the project, they are really engaged, so this shows again that we’ve selected the right school to assists us with this challenge”, she said.

“I am really confident that this is going to work because I’ve seen what they’ve done already. They are really advanced in their research and they have clear goals of what they would like to achieve. They really understood the global picture and what the real challenges are that we have in developing this new HR strategy.”

For Carolina, the students are the best team possible to be working on the successful implementation of the new Relais & Chateaux HR strategy. “This project is really focused on their generation. I am receiving feedback from the target audience that is part of my project, so I am sure that this will be a success.”

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