Are you nervous? Excited? Full of anticipation? Are you ready to begin the next chapter of your life at Glion this September?

It is almost time for the second most exciting moment on campus (after Graduation Day) – the arrival of our new student intake.

Although welcoming students from every corner of the world to Switzerland is second nature for our staff and faculty, we never forget that this is a whole new experience for our incoming students. We know you have lots of questions you want answering before setting foot on campus.

You’ll find many of the answers you need in our special Pre-Arrival Campus Guide, which you can download.

The booklet is essential reading. We’ve also picked out a handful of highlights to whet your appetite for your upcoming studies.

1. Get packing – but don’t bring your whole wardrobe!

With six months of study ahead of you, including some winter months, you could be tempted to just empty your drawers and wardrobe into a bunch of suitcases. Don’t! Our tip is to pack like you are going away for 30 days, not half a year. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to buy any extra clothes you need once you are on campus; and travelling a little lighter will certainly make your journey more pleasant.

There’s a list of items to pack, and not to pack, in our pre-arrival guide. A useful tip is to bring classic clothing that you can dress ‘up’ or ‘down’, giving you more options. We’d also recommend bringing some reminders of home, such as personal photos, your favorite tea or any sweets or snacks you are particularly partial to. Don’t bring cheese or chocolate – we’ve got the best in the world in Switzerland!

2. All you need to know about getting to us

So we can welcome you properly to Switzerland, we need to know your travel plans. If you haven’t already done so, please fill out the arrival form on our website as soon as you can.

These are the official arrival days for our Swiss campuses:

2ndSeptember: BBA – Glion
4thSeptember:MSc in Luxury Management and Guest Experience, and MSc in Hospitality, Entrepreneurship & Innovation – Glion
4thSeptember: MSc in International Hospitality Business – Bulle

We’ll have a booth at Geneva Airport with our arrival team waiting to help you, plus we’ll be operating shuttle buses between the airport and our campuses. Other transport options include the always-punctual Swiss railways. If you are driving to us, please note that there’s limited car parking at Glion and Bulle campuses, and you’ll need to give us your car registration when you check-in.

3. Switzerland is interesting – honest!

If you’ve not been here before, you may have the impression that Switzerland is… well… a little boring. We’re here to tell you it’s not true. Swiss people are actually very happy – in fact, consistently among the happiest in the world. They also know how to have fun, something you’ll see any time you venture down to the lakeside during the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival.

And any country that has ice hockey – the world’s fastest sport – as its national game could never be described as boring. If you haven’t witnessed hockey in the flesh, prepare to be amazed at the skill, aggression and technique on display. From Glion campus there are first division professional teams in nearby Lausanne and Geneva, while Bulle campus residents have top-tier teams in Fribourg and Bern on their doorsteps.

4. You won’t run out of things to do on campus

Sports, activities, cultural events, excursions, clubs embracing all sorts of interests… you have everything you need for a wonderful time on campus. And if you can’t find a club devoted to your personal passion, we can help you set one up! For fitness fanatics, our Glion campus has an on-site gym, while Bulle offers access to nearby gym and sports complexes. And if you prefer a more mindful form of relaxation, we also offer yoga, pilates and dance classes. Oh, and don’t forget the amazing skiing right in your backyard.

There are a number of opportunities to play a full part in the life of the school. Each semester there are open elections for our Student Government Association (SGA), which provides a voice to the student body and works on enhancing the campus experience. You can also apply to be a Glion Ambassador, a highly-prized role enabling you to represent the school internally and externally.

5. In a nutshell – the essentials

We couldn’t possibly round up everything you need to know in a single article (the pre-arrival guide does a pretty good job though), but here’s a list of final thoughts we hope are helpful:

  • We provide – and launder – your bed linen, so no need to bring any with you
  • Ironing boards are provided but you need to bring your own iron
  • Every residence has a laundry room with machines that operate with a magnetic key. You can buy these at Reception for a one-off payment of CHF30.
  • Make sure you check the business dress code very carefully before you arrive – you won’t get far turning up in class wearing that favorite Hawaiian shirt!
  • We have Starbucks Coffee machines on both campuses
  • There’s a dedicated Facebook group for new students – why not join it

You can also follow our dedicated Instagram page @glionhospitalityschool to keep in touch with life on campus and beyond

That’s it for now. We cannot wait to see you on campus in September, where your journey into the world of premium hospitality is all set to begin.

If you have any questions ahead of your arrival on campus, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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