Before joining Glion, you keep hearing about the “Glion Spirit”, everywhere you go, it’s “you will see, the Glion Spirit, Glion Spirit…” without really understanding what it is. I guess its different for each one of us but the basics are quite the same.

For three and a half years, we have this incredible relationship where we are together 24/7, for good times and bad ones, always there for each other, with support, love and true friendship. That’s the Glion Spirit I know. Automatically, all Glion Alumini share this unique bond as we all at some point in our lives had those years in Montreux with the breath taking view, and in Bulle with the breath taking smell. So its true that during our studies we are all like a very big family, but what happens after graduation?

Everyone is off somewhere in the world, busy with their jobs, studying their master’s or even getting married, having kids and life goes on… Now the question is, does the Glion Spirit last even when our busy lives take over and we are not the teenage students we were before?

Following graduation night, where we all cried in the streets outside the Black Pearl as we said goodbye, my closest friends and I were not ready yet for the fair well, so we flew to the Caribbean for 10 days as our grad’ trip. The 10 most fabulous days of our lives, that we will always look back on and have it in our mind. You must admit it is a nice way to close up this chapter! But the hardest part was the flight back where we did not want to land in Paris as we knew we were all saying goodbye and each catching a flight off to a different continent. I honestly thought things will never be the same, we were gonna lose touch and barely see each other. Thank God I was wrong! Part of the Glion Spirit is the friends you make for life, and this was the case, whether the beaches of Portugal, by the desert of Abu Dhabi or even at the Great Wall of China, we saw each other as soon as we had the chance and are still constantly talking every day as technology makes it one of the easiest things today! And one year later after our graduation, with the use of social media, we manage to reunite 3/4 of our semester for a reunion weekend in Montreux! Where it all began…

How about the Glion People that you don’t know? Well the feeling is exactly the same! When you are in the middle of Djibouti’s African jungle, or in the middle of New York’s concrete one, this unique connection is made and a new friend is added to your list. We really are like a massive gang, so international that we are in every country in the world and whenever we meet, it is like we have been best friends for years!

Does the Glion Spirit differ between the years? Being at a Glion Alumini Reunion, made me realize that even with people that graduated in 1999, so 12 years before me, they still have the Glion Spirit in them, and trust me when I tell you whether married with kids, divorced and alone, or even just too old, things do not change, they still enjoy themselves the same way we do today.

I guess The Glion Spirit does last! And whether you are in Africa or in Asia, whether you graduated in 1989 or in 2011, it does not differ as the Glion Spirit is within all of us, it is not just words, it is so much more than that, it is a lifestyle!

I thought that the Glion Spirit would stop after graduation, but I soon realized it was only the beginning…

”No this is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps… the end of the beginning” (Winston Churchill)

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