This semester, I had the pleasure of being one of the volunteers for the Indonesian stand in the Cultural Fair, which takes place on the Bulle campus of Glion. The stand leader was my friend Cynthia from semester 4. There were three main parts to creating this event experience: to contact the Indonesian embassy in Switzerland, to plan and prepare the food and to set up the decoration.

First, I’d like to thank our contacts at the Indonesian embassy for helping us and providing us with the traditional clothes and decorations.

Preparing Indonesian food

The food was assembled before the cultural fair and we used the common kitchen in the dorm. We decided to prepare nasi uduk – an Indonesian style steamed rice dish – and fruit punch. Two days before the event, we fried all the vegetable fritters so we could put them in the oven during the fair. The day before the fair, we cooked the traditional dessert jelly and prepared the fruit in order to make the fruit punch. On the day itself, we cooked the chicken and we had to swirl it to make thin slices.

Setting up the stand

At the cultural fair itself, we came in 2 hours before the event in order to put up the banners, Balinese decoration, and flags with the help of our friends. We also put the traditional puppets – called wayang kulit or “shadow puppets” – on the wall.
When the event got started, we served the nasi uduk – which we made with chicken, egg and rice – by heating it all up before serving to our fellow Glion students, staff and faculty, with the fresh fruit punch.

How it went..

This semester, the cultural fair was held in the Raymond Jaussi dorm and it was fun. There was loud music, food, a bit of alcohol. Photo credits: SGA

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