Glion Master’s student and regular blogger Khaila Prasser reports on a highly “instagrammable” day out in Turin – a trip made possible by the school’s location in the heart of Europe.

While the sun slept on a very early Saturday morning, students from both the Bulle and Glion campuses were already up and eager for a long journey ahead. We were on our way to Turin for the day!

The double decker coach sat everyone comfortably as it wound through the snow-capped mountains and valleys of Switzerland. Just over the border, we stopped at a cosy little café and everyone ordered their first Italian coffees of the day, swapping “merci beaucoup” to “grazie” very gracefully.

Bright eyes and big smiles pressed against the windows, as we looked out into Italy’s first capital, and more importantly, Italy’s chocolate capital, Turin. The city is known for its historical cafés, elegant squares, regal palaces, art museums and delicate tree-lined boulevards. Once we arrived, we all gathered into smaller groups and headed out for the day.

My fellow MSc student Pauline Bon and her friends were very lucky as their voluntary tour guide was a local and a Glion student herself, Martina Allora. They strolled through the Turin Palazzo, ate fresh Burratta, and enjoyed Italy’s unrivalled hospitality, as well as the decadent chandeliers and Baroque architecture.

A visit to any place, especially Italy, wouldn’t be complete without an uninhibited view of the cityscape. Kamilla Minnullina and her troop of students basked in the sunshine, then wandered over the river and up to the Madonna dei Lavoratri. The spectacular views provided a great afternoon of “instagrammable” photoshoots.

Turin’s scenery displays a unique skyscraper, the iconic and spectacular building called Mole Antonelliana, home to the Museo Nazionale del Cinema. Our other group leader, Yirui Yao, and his crew described the motion picture museum to be a “utopia”, showcasing film artefacts and art pieces from cult classics and modern favorites.

As the day came to a close, so did the good weather. With everyone scurrying away from the rain towards the shelter of our double decker, we all felt happy, content and eager to head back to our beds in the Swiss terrain. Everyone dozed off like blissful angels, all quietly pondering, is there any better way to spend a Saturday than with pizza, and good company in Italy?

Thank you to our Student Affairs team for planning a wonderful getaway.

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