On Friday and Saturday, the 11th and 12th of September, it was Clean Up Day in Switzerland. More than a hundred “communes” (city districts) took part in it and Bulle was one of them. For the students on the Bulle campus if Glion Institute of Higher Education, it was an opportunity to act as members of the community and demonstrate our attachment and respect for this city that has been hosting us for many years. The goal of this day was to collect all the garbage we could find in the streets, forests and meadows in our area. The national Clean-up Day is part of the international movement “Let’s Do it” established in 2008. More than 96 Countries are part of it to fight against littering with clean up actions. The Swiss association in charge of the Clean-Up Day is named IGSU and supports activities against littering on a large scale. This association also tries to attract partners from consumer-related segments and the recycling industry to carry out joint projects.

If Bulle campus took part in this collective project it is thanks to Kevin Fordes, our Co-curricular Program Manager. With the help of campus life leaders who drove this incentive amongst the student body, they mobilized more than 50 students on Saturday afternoon, which is a great achievement for our first participation, according to Kevin. Students’ feedbacks were excellent. Many of us liked the project because it allowed us to meet locals and exchange with them. After the success of the Cultural Fair, it was another positive reason to get involved in our community’s life and to share our Glion spirit.

Environmental issues are an everyday challenge for the hospitality industry, and one mission of Glion is to increase students’ awareness about the topic. Across many projects and initiatives, our school has been fighting for the environmental cause for several years now. Promoting a responsible use of water, encouraging us to sort our trash, building low energy consumption residences and class rooms; these are some of the examples of the initiatives that Glion is promoting to make us conscious of the importance of reducing the impact we can have on the environment and to stimulate the small gestures that can have a positive impact for our planet. If you want to be involved in our campus sustainability program more permanently and act for the world we live in, do not forget to enrol in the SGA’s new project “Glion Go Green Revolution”. This is a great opportunity for you to make our planet a safer place! Thank you to all participants of this first edition. Looking forward to see you for the next edition of the Clean Up Day in September 2016!

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