The cultural fair was a perfect opportunity to showcase Glion’s diverse student body. With over ten countries being represented, the faculty, staff, and students had the pleasure of savoring a delicious variety of typical cuisine and cocktails. This event would not have been successful if it were not for the students volunteering to promote their countries, staff helping with set-up, and student affairs coordinating the event. I take this opportunity to highlight the Student Government Association’s (SGA) intern, Andrea Iga; she showed outstanding performance in her dedication and commitment to this project.

With students greeting people in their native language, dancing to their local music and wearing their colors with pride, I could not have been more satisfied with the event. The SGA was delighted to give a tour to the CEO, Judy Hou, who had the opportunity to further integrate with Glion’s community. Glion truly is a hospitality school encouraging students to learn from different cultural environments.

The SGA is organizing one more event to end the semester with a “bang”; it’s a Hawaiian themed barbecue. With the summer season approaching, the students and faculty from both Glion and Bulle campus will enjoy eating grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob, devouring pineapple (the symbol of hospitality), and dancing to Hawaiian music. The SGA would like to thank the Food and Beverage Team for catering the event and we look forward welcoming the entire Glion student body.

The “Glion Insider”, the first official student and faculty newspaper, will be officially published in two weeks time. Our Managing and Co-Managing Editors, Alia Bazarbachi and Rebecca Huber, have worked countless hours with their team and the SGA’s PR, Logan Faure, to make sure that every detail is perfect. The newspaper will incorporate a message from the CEO, articles from students on all three Glion campuses and leaders in the hospitality industry. This will be a refreshing platform for our community to share their stories.

The position of President has been a memorable experience and I could not be prouder of the SGA team. Together with the students, the team has worked so hard to further embody the Glion Spirit. They deserve all the credit. I will graduate from Glion, impressed with the values taught here.

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