My name is Ronald Homsy, I come from Beirut and am a Lebanese/Canadian Entrepreneur. I graduated from Glion in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Administration.

What brought you to the UK? How long have you been here for?

I opened Crystal, an exclusive Club designed to the high net worth individual back in 2006, a brand which I launched in Beirut in 2003 before exporting it to Dubai, London, Cannes and St Tropez.

What was your first role after graduating?

Sales executive in the Novotel Abu Dhabi, part of the Accor group.

Tell us about your current role and summarize it in 3 key points?

I am the Co-Founder/CEO of a start up. We are launching in November 2016 Utopian Hotel Collection, the next luxury Hotel collection we have been working on for the last year and a half with my 2 Co-Founders, who are also GLION Alumnus. Other alumnus are joining as investors and some will be joining as employees. My role in 3 points includes:

  • Raising Capital
  • Curating hotels and meeting with Hoteliers
  • Strategy/structure/headhunting

What is your typical day in the office?

I work 12/16 hours a day, 7 days a week, doing pretty much everything at this point, planning, meetings, workshops, presentations, office work…

Does your current role match the professional life you imagined having when studying?

I always knew I wanted to create great ideas and was going to be an entrepreneur.

What are the key changes you see in your role in the next 5 years?

The shift from a start up enterprise to a corporation mindset.

What are the 3 key trends in your industry right now?

  • The rise of the millennial traveller as a dominant consumer group in 2017
  • Increased interest in using mobile devices to enable more personalized service, tech takes control
  • Huge strategic company mergers

What are the 3 key marketplace changes that will be seen in the next 5 years?

  • Channel shift, rise of direct bookings in the hotel industry
  • Impact of the sharing economy (Air BnB) on the industry
  • Rise of the Hostel accommodation

How would you describe your perfect day off?

Enjoying a great lunch with my wife.

What is your favorite place in London & why?

Scotts restaurant, excellent seafood.

The Glion Alumni network – what does it mean to you?

It literally means a community that are happy to help each other on all levels.

What have been the highlights of your Glion Alumni life in the UK so far?

I was able to meet wonderful people. Having a Glion Campus in London was a great idea and was happy to visit.

Top tips for the current Glion students who are planning to move to the UK?

Drop me a line with your CV.

Finally, what will you do tomorrow? What’s next for you?

Learn more, make sure great ideas are turned into realities.

What is the best advice you have ever received / A word for the other Glion Alumni?

Go through as many experiences as you can, dig in as much as you can.


Photo By: Ronald Homsy, Scott’s restaurant, Unsplash (Florian Giorgio)

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