By Ainur Assylkhanova

On Saturday, April 8th, we had a chance to visit a beautiful place called Genova, the sixth largest city in Italy. This trip was organized by the Student Life Department, in collaboration with the Academic Department. Although it was just right after the mid-term break, a lot of students were interested in visiting Genova.

First, we visited the Cruise liner called Costa Diadema.

This massively huge and amazing ship has 1862 cabins and can accommodate around 4900 passengers. Not to get lost in such a big place, we were lucky to be guided by Antonio Di Stacio who is the Food and Beverage Director. What was interesting is the back of the house and how it operates. In addition, we were shown the production of mozzarella cheese, to serve all the customers on board it is needed to prepare around 1500 kg every week.

Costa Diadema has a wide range of restaurants serving different cuisines where in one of them we had a chance to try delicious pasta with lobster followed by desserts. After a nice meal on board we were kindly welcomed to see the theater on board.

Then, we went to the Aquarium of Genova.

Interesting fact is that it is considered the second largest aquarium in Europe. To get to know more information about the sea world we had a guide who was kind to explain and answer all our questions. In the beginning of the tour in Aquiarium, we watched a video giving interesting facts and importance of water.

The aquarium itself is split into parts with different climate zones suitable for sea and land animals.

After that, we went to explore the city.

In my opinion Genova has a very beautiful architecture, it combines romantic design of the Italian architecture and still has some modern details.

To be honest I enjoyed the trip to Genova, I would love to see more trips with Glion, where students can learn more about the culture, lifestyle and simply other new destinations.

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