Yasmin LukatahYasmin Lukatah talks about creating a unique luxury brand experience for the Luxury Brand Management degree specialization workshop at Domus Academy, done during Design Week 2016 in Milan.

What did you do during the Luxury Brand Management workshop in Milan?

I worked on a brand experience project with Pomellato, which is a luxury jewelry company. Our aim was to increase brand awareness and create a stronger, more memorable experience within the retail store. We began to dissect the brand and understand who is Pomellato. It is an Italian, Milan-based brand. Women of different personalities, backgrounds and age groups can wear the brand to feel sexy, sophisticated, young or even daring.

The project objective was to underline how the brand could market to different types of women and how to create a more unique shopping experience in-store. My group created a presentation with ideas that could be implemented worldwide. For example, serving a signature fruity (colorful) drink called, the Rosa, to create a permanent, sensory memory in the guests mind, or to create a hashtag for their clients, #myPomellato so that clients who purchase a Pomellato piece can share it on social media.

What was it like doing the workshop at Domus Academy?

I absolutely adored my time at Domus Academy and working with this specific luxury brand. The teachers are engaging, educated and creative. They force you to question yourself, to think outside the box, to create something unique. The teachers were experienced professionals in the industry, by sharing their knowledge they transmitted real expertise.

How was your experience in Milan?

Staying in Milan made the workshop experience even better than I expected. It was Design Week 2016 in Milan, so there was an abundance of international culture, design expositions, art and activities in the city, it was very inspirational! It taught me to look for insight in everything, whether it be a piece of art or a dilemma or a challenge, what is the insight? What do I see? What is the brand trying to say to their clients? How can I relay this image of the brand into the store, and then back to the customer.

Overall, the Milan workshop experience impacted me in a significant and brilliant way, I will continue to question the unknown and always use an creative eye to examine what is being presented to me.

To learn more about the program, visit the Luxury Brand Management degree specialization page.

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