The hospitality industry has never offered more opportunities for skilled professionals to enjoy a successful leadership career. Traditional siloed roles are becoming a thing of the past, as modern career paths evolve across departments, and even industries. Now, managers are required to add value across the business, using a holistic skillset to innovate, strategize and boost multiple hard and soft metrics. In this landscape, it pays to stand out from the crowd.

At Glion, our insight, faculty expertise and industry connections ensure all of our programs set graduates apart from the competition. For postgraduates, one program in particular delivers on this promise – our Dual MBA and MSc in International Hospitality Business, delivered in partnership with Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM).

Learning that builds leaders

Dual program graduates gain both an MBA and an MSc over two years – one academic year on campus and one year of full-time employment or internship. For student Itzel Gracian Ortiz, the dual aspect delivered exactly what she needed for her career.

“I was already stuck into something, I had knowledge of how to deal with people but I wanted to have more knowledge about numbers, I wanted to see a different place, so Glion was about everything, that’s why I chose it.”

Designed specifically to enhance career progression, the program combines applied management with a focus on contemporary leadership challenges and operational concepts. “It’s tough, but if it wasn’t tough then I wouldn’t be here”, said student Nadim Souss. “I was a bit sceptical at first, but when I came in, everything from the school to the students on the course – we get along so well, we’re like a small family, it’s perfect.”

A qualification for today’s hospitality industry

The new global hospitality environment is complex. Businesses are scrambling to adapt to the demands of Millennial customers who want personalization without necessarily a person to person relationship. But they must continue to serve the loyal Baby Boomers – the long-term customers who still want a human, hands-on service. Add in technology, data and disruptive competition, and today’s professional faces a range of critical challenges. The Dual MBA and MSc program gives graduates the skills, confidence and entrepreneurial mindset to not just operate, but to excel in this new marketplace.

“I studied before, international politics at the University of Georgetown, I worked for four years in between”, said Erik Vos Hendrik, a Dual program student. “I had a few ideas of my own and I thought well, this is an environment where people have already done these things and they can help scrutinise my ideas and see if it’s actually feasible to set things up afterwards.”

The Dual program features an immersive learning experience that complements any previous career history and gives students the skills to think creatively and strategically in hospitality and beyond. “I decided to come to Glion and opt for the Dual degree”, said student Herbert Jones. “I was looking for something to make myself more competitive in the market. I like the fact that you can get two degrees at one time, although it’s very challenging.”

A global view for an international career

The hospitality industry is the most international industry on the planet, where an open mind is an essential career-boosting tool. At Glion, students learn from everyone – faculty, guest speakers, visiting industry experts and their fellow students. On the Dual MBA and MSc postgraduate course, classmates will have their own life experience to share, as well as lessons learned and perspectives gained from careers around the world.

Graduate with a network of over 40,000 alumni

Postgraduate students have spent time in the real-world, building a career and making contacts, meaning classmates bring with them rich and diverse networks. Add this to the industry contacts, GEM alumni of over 30,000 and Glion Alumni of over 14,000, and graduates of the Dual program become part of a powerful community, where knowledge and employment offers are shared first.

Student Kayleen Elenz is clear on the benefit of working with an international group of students. “The group that I’m with is very dynamic, very multicultural, so that helps broadens my horizons and helps me understand the world in a different perspective.”


A Dual degree may double the workload and the study time, but it also doubles the expert faculty that students have access to. The Glion Dual MBA and MSc is taught by both GEM and Glion faculty on the Glion campus.

The hospitality-focused courses are taught by Glion faculty – experienced professionals with significant academic experience, many of who are also active in commercial hospitality. “The professors that we’ve had so far have been very knowledgeable, they’ve really known their stuff and how to transmit that, they’re not just talking about the theory, but the applications of it”, said Kayleen.

MBA classes are taught by GEM faculty, linking the theory to practice through real-world business cases and supported by visiting professors and top business professionals. Ranked in the top five MBA programs in France by The Economist (Oct 2017) and the Financial Times (Jan 2017), the GEM faculty deliver an MBA from a Triple-Accredited Institution.

Ultimately for Erik, the decision to take the Dual MBA and MSc in International Hospitality Business has been one of the best career moves he’s made. “Everything has exceeded my expectations and my wildest dreams and to be honest I’m extremely happy to be here.”

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