Base Nyon is the manifest answer to the question – is there a better way? Part hotel, part apartment, it offers service, on-site facilities, a kitchen and space to entertain in every ‘room’. More than this, Base represents the shift towards smart hospitality for the modern traveller. As part of their final year Applied Business Project (ABP), five Glion students are helping Base build on their success.

A new concept in hospitality

Anders, one of the students involved in the project, describes the Base approach. “They are focusing mainly on the self-service apartments and not on a big scale. Their concept is very self-sustainable, customers come to them for any period from 1-2 nights to several months and they want to have their privacy and have everything in control”, he said.

“These customers are not looking for the traditional hospitality concepts and services like a brunch on Sunday, or lunch and dinner at the restaurant; they want to be in control of their own mealtimes and how they go about their day when they are there.”

Confidential work

Base is a proven innovator, so it comes as no surprise that the actual details of the project are confidential. All we can say is that students, Parham, Anders, Anna, Matthieu and Patrik, will be helping the business with a venture in a new market!

The project is putting into practice the classroom knowledge that the students have gained through their final year International Hotel Development and Finance specialization.

“The good thing is that the classes that we have now are very relevant to what we are doing in the project”, Patrik said.

“It is very nice that what we learn is directly applicable in most cases. So what we learn is not just the theory, but it is actually very useful”, added Anders. The ABP is one of many undertaken by final year BBA students, working with a diverse range of businesses on real-world challenges, including:
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How are the students working with Base?

Most ABPs start with either an onsite meeting or a call to build team spirit and establish the project’s aims. Anna describes the site visit to Base Nyon: “It was great, we got a tour and spoke to James Fry, one of the founders. He explained everything about the concept and about the project that we are going to do. It was very interesting.”

Parham left the meeting inspired by the Base ethos. “Meeting James was very nice for all of us as we originally did not have all the details and overview of what Base was and what their goal is in the future”, he said. “We actually got to go there and see it and we kind of felt the passion that he had for the hotels, his vision and what he wants to do with the hotel, so I think that it also inspired us to push and find the best solution for the project that he wants us to do.”

What are Base’s expectations?

While the aim of an ABP is always clear, the route to the best solution is often left up to the students, in order to get the most value from a fresh perspective, as Patrik explains. “Related to the project itself, Base is giving us a lot of freedom. For example, whatever idea we have they are ready to potentially realize it. Of course, they gave us certain limitations, but these are very fundamental.
The students feel that now is the time to put everything in to help the business improve and go to the next level, as Anders explains. “In this niche, we absolutely see this concept as the future of hospitality”, he said.

“It is disruptive, but in a humble way, because they are not trying to reinvent the wheel. They are trying to penetrate the market with certain needs and deliver the necessary services while still working on personalization and quality of service.”

Is it easy to balance project work with classroom studies?

The students have already submitted a draft proposal to Base, with a final project deadline in mid-January. “It has been quite intense this semester, especially since there is a very tight schedule with the specialization and there is a very fast pace. However, it has already cooled down a bit as the projects and exams have passed (for now)”, Anna said.

“I think that this kind of project management suits our team as we are very responsible and we know that we can count on everyone doing their tasks on time,” she added.

How have the students been supported during the project?

The Applied Business Project is all about putting classroom knowledge to the test and the students are expected to deliver a solution as professionals, with support from their tutor, as Patrik explains. “Mr Humphries is not looking at this project from a pure faculty perspective, but almost a pure business perspective. He is relying on us like we are the actual consultants and advising us like we are business partners.”

Thank you to all five students for taking time out from their busy schedule and commitments to tell us all about their work with Base. Watch this space for updates and a final review of the project after the January deadline. In the meantime, take a look at the aims and outcomes of some more Glion ABPs:
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