Martina started her own communications agency.

Years after her hospitality degree, armed with a passion for food & travel and valuable experience, she created her own ideal job.

After working in the hospitality and events industries, Martina Peters (2000, BSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management) was looking for a better work-life balance. As a young mother, she wanted the flexibility to be available to her family, and still have a challenging, yet interesting job. Finding few such positions in the job market, she decided to create the ideal job for herself.

She founded her own company, Kommunikationsanker, in Hamburg, Germany, offering services in communications consulting, public relations concepts and strategies, corporate publishing, event organization, network research, social media support, and cooperation platforms.

“We work mainly with food and fine dining products, travel and service companies, but of course for other exciting areas as well,” Martina said. Here are her answers to our questions about how she got inspired to start her own company, her challenges, and her tips for those students who are considering starting professional life with a hospitality degree, and starting a business later on.

When did you start being passionate about marketing and communications?

It started already during my studies at Glion, even though I did not always get the theories of Philip Kotler & Co, but I learned how you can create an emotional touch point and target customers via images or words, and this topic always fascinated me.

Did you always want to start your own business or did this idea come later on through your career? How was this business idea born?

Actually, I always had an interest for entrepreneurship, earlier I even created some ideas and but I gave them up. Mostly, I was always curious to enter new business fields. For example, I added a PR consultant examination to my CV during my first maternity leave.

Years later, my job circumstances forced me to think about it again. The company I worked for restructured some jobs, and mine was part of it. Being the mother of 2 children, I wanted to continue working part-time and I learned that a challenging part-time job with interesting content is hard to find. Suddenly, it was all clear:

“My experience in event management, public relations, internal communication, paired with my passion for and background in food & travel gave me my entrepreneurial challenge.”

They say that it is difficult to be an entrepreneur. What were the difficulties that you faced while setting up the company and how did you overcome them?

To be honest, there were no real difficulties: in Germany’s second largest city Hamburg, there are a lot of opportunities to get in touch with entrepreneur networks, to visit seminars, meet ups, consultants – these are all sources you can benefit from. I believe, it is more your own will and motivation to go that step, to be full of passion about what you aim to do – and to stay realistic. In short, you must have your vision and big plan, but then work step by step. For sure, there are moments where I panic or feel discouraged – but my general motivation helps to get over it.

How did Glion help you to achieve your professional objectives? Which skills that you learned in your studies are most useful for your business now?

Glion gave me a mix of expertise and knowledge, and taught me how to do the practical exercises such as feasibility studies, which are very useful. Last but really not least, I learned to keep an open mind about different ways to work, customer orientation etc.

Your company is new, but doing well at the moment. What are your goals for the future?

My first goal is to build a nice customer portfolio.

“There are so many startups and rising small businesses within the food & travel branch and a lot of them need communication support.”

At the moment, my business is focused on the German market, but in the future, I can very well imagine to go further (French and English speaking) – or to cooperate with similar Glion entrepreneurs abroad.

Finally, what would you advise to the current students or alumni who would like to step into the entrepreneurial world?

To become an entrepreneur, you must take every chance you are given to continue learning, get into networks (local, social, business…), be courageous, think out of the box, and do not forget to do your accounting homework and then … make it happen!

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