By Chahhat Lakhwani, Student Ambassador

Did you know that you can visit multiple cities and have all kinds of adventures while you are studying in Glion?

The school is very well positioned geographically, which gives students plenty of opportunities to travel around Europe and discover different places.

Even better news for explorers is that Glion organizes many excursions, which gives you the opportunity to explore new places and enjoy fun activities with a large group of friends. Glion has organized excursions to Europa Park, Milan, Strasbourg, the Glaciers, Tobogganing and more!

Students love and absolutely enjoy these adventures! My fellow BBA semester 3 student Elina Bayan says, “With all the weekend excursions Glion offers, there is no time to get bored! I love exploring different parts of the world, so I try to take part in as many excursions as I can.”

Planning makes perfect

The advantage of these excursions is that everything is pre-organized and well planned. Elina adds, “What I like about the excursions is the transportation from the campus. It means we get enough time in each city, so it makes a great option for spending our days off from studies.”

Another bonus of the organized trips is that we don’t have to worry about having the right equipment to hand. “During the Tobogganing excursion, for instance, we were provided with all the special equipment we needed, so we could spend three hours of endless fun and laughter,” says Elina.

Not to forget that all these places are very “Instagrammable”! Elina says, “In Strasbourg you may find all your Christmas presents, take gorgeous pictures, do ice skating and just enjoy the time with your friends!”

If you are a keen traveler then these excursions are for you. It is a great opportunity to travel the world, explore new places and adventure!


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