As all of you know, some of the most important attributes and characteristics you need to possess, when emerging into the world of hospitality are to be open-minded, tolerant and respectful, as well as having a certain multicultural sensitivity.

All of these traits are promoted on a daily basis due to being surrounded by such a wide array of nationalities and cultures, and everyone who is a student at Glion surely already possesses at least the basis for these characteristics.

To encourage multicultural perspectives, Glion hosts the Cultural fair, in which a large proportion of the cultures present on campus are represented by the students in decorated stands.

Because of this fair, we have the opportunity to learn about the beauty of the different countries, their customs and traditions. We can generally be fascinated by the everyday life in countries, which might have been barely or even completely unknown to us. This is one of the wonderful things about this university and this field of work in general: the ability to broaden one’s own horizon to a level which surpasses the one you might achieve in another field. With this I obviously do not want to claim that hospitality is the only field where multiculturalism is encouraged, but it is certainly one of the central aspects of the industry. If you are not interested in the stunning range of cultures this planet has to offer, you should probably reconsider choosing hospitality as a career.

To get back to the actual Cultural Fair, I can say that it was a very fun, yet stressful, event. The Inclusion and Diversity Committee also prepared a stand, called “Europe meets Africa”, in which we presented South Africa and Portugal as two representatives of the two continents. These were two of the countries which were not represented in the rest of the fair.

For those of you who have been following my blog, it is probably quite evident that myself and my roommate and friend Liping, were in charge of the South Africa part of the stand. We spent hours preparing brochures with information about the country, a language lesson, a quiz, South African fruits for everyone to try and many pictures and decorations presenting the absolute beauty of the country and presented it to students and other members of the university on the day of the Cultural Fair.

The things which we had in our stand mostly represent the overall concept of this event. You inform people about your country by presenting food, music, customs and decorations to everyone, who is interested. If you need an additional incentive in participating, a prize can be won as well; however, we have not yet been informed about the winning group. While it is always nice to win, this is not the central point of the day. Personally, I think the competition for our group might have been a little too tough due to the beauty of the other stands, but then again you can always hope for the best.

Many of Glion’s students grabbed the opportunity to represent their home, which most of them understandably seem to be very proud of, on this day and did it in a great manner. The gym and the club were filled with colorful stands which represented the manifold student body, which this university entails.

So to sum up, I can say that it was a great experience and it is something you can definitely look forward to when joining Glion and something that is also an essential part on the road to discovery of the oh so important and unique “Glion spirit”.


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