Studying at Glion transforms you from a student into a professional as you head outside the classroom to work with leading brands and businesses in hospitality and beyond. Whether it’s field trips, internships or an Applied Business Project (ABP) as part of your specialization, the experience you’ll gain will put you ahead of the competition.

Students Marie, Margaux and Clement are currently involved in their ABP with luxury hotel brand, Relais & Châteaux, as part of their final year specialization in Luxury Brand Management.

In order to implement the new HR strategy well, Relais & Châteaux need more information about their members, staff and clients. To achieve this, the students have divided the project into three main objectives:

How to attract and retain Millennials?
Is there a possibility to create more personalized training programs and career plans for them?

How do members of Relais & Châteaux manage their recruitment and HR in general?
Can it be improved?

How to manage inter-generational conflict?
How can we improve the relationship between the old and new staff? Or between the employees who have short-term project with the fixed staff.

How will the students deliver a solution?

The students will be interviewing previous and current employees to understand what experience staff are having while working for Relais & Châteaux. They will be working with hotel members around the world in order to achieve an international perspective for the new global strategy. As part of the discovery phase of the project, Marie, Margaux and Clement will be going to the Paris headquarters to see how they work practically, and to gain more insight into brand values.

Collaboration is key

Teamwork between all parties will be essential if this ABP is to succeed and is already happening. The students have already had their first presentation where they showed their plan and Relais & Châteaux explained the new HR strategy. The HR team were very open-minded and supportive, giving them excellent advice during this first period of research.

Marie, Margaux and Clement have been friends since the beginning of their studies, so it is very easy for them to communicate and make decisions together. In order to easily work on objectives from anywhere and make changes all at the same time, they’re using online tools so they have everyone’s input in one central location.

While this may seem like a large project for just three people to take on, the students feel the diminutive size of their team gives them an advantage, as they have fewer people to involve in decisions and can move forward quickly.

How will this ABP help the students’ careers?

Each student has their own motivations for taking the Luxury Brand Management specialization and working on the Relais & Châteaux ABP, centred around a strong career ambition. For Marie, she would love to run her own Relais & Châteaux one day as this is a tradition in her family. Margaux aims to develop her HR competencies and managerial skills, as she believes both will be important in her future career. Clement has already worked with Relais & Châteaux on his internship at St James in Paris, and is considering a career with the company.

Marie gave a summary on the importance of the ABP and the real-world experience Glion offers students. “This concrete real-life project gives us the opportunity to put our knowledge in practice and gain more managerial experience in luxury hospitality industry. I am certain that the skills learnt through this project will be very useful in our future careers.”

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