Hospitality degrees are for people who want to see the world. Enter an industry that continues to grow and change. It is for people who love teamwork and face-to-face interaction. A hospitality management degree gives you the chance to follow your interests in limitless locations, making unforgettable experiences and giving you a highly rewarding career. Here’s five reasons why you should study hospitality management.

A career without limits

A hospitality management degree prepares you for a successful career and a number of high-level positions. Furthermore, the hospitality industry is one of the most expansive and diverse, which means you’ll never be limited in your job search. Whether you want to go down the hotel management career path, want to run an exotic, remote resort or fancy managing a casino, the choice is yours.

Our students have graduated and took roles in sectors as eclectic as finance and public relations. By studying abroad, you open up a world of opportunities.

See the world

Studying a hospitality management degree gives you the chance to see many new places. Working in a boutique hotel in a big city or managing a restaurant on an exotic beach? A hospitality management degree can take you there. Study abroad programs also offer enticing, innovative opportunities.

Within the next decade, international tourist numbers will reach 1.8 billion. Therefore, hospitality professionals are needed across the globe. Former Glion student Simon Fache, originally from Belgium, works in London at the prestigious Berkeley Hotel. In addition, our students embark on exciting internships all over the world, working in locations as disparate as Monaco and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Be part of an evolving industry

Hospitality is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. It will create over 80 million new jobs over the next ten years, meaning it is not only evolving, but also incredibly secure. Additionally, by 2026, one in nine jobs will be in the travel and tourism sector.

Those working in hospitality management know the latest trends and what today’s customer wants. At our recent Glion Luxury Conference, leading hospitality figures told our students what it takes to be part of a constantly changing industry. “The future is not an extension of the past,” said Ivan Bascle, Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group’s Geneva office. “Be open to adapting your business model to new consumers. Meet the needs of millennials.”

Learn vital skills

Skills like leadership, teamwork and organization aren’t just useful for hospitality. In fact, these skills are highly valuable in any industry. To be successful as a manager, you need to have both soft and hard skills. A manager has to lead rather than follow, but they also have to listen. Plus, they also have to show flexibility, able to work and assist in multiple departments. Soft skills really make a difference to guest satisfaction, while hard skills like knowledge and attention-to-detail are crucial for an organization’s sustainability. Studying abroad also means working with people from many different cultures and nationalities.

Leading recruiters and CEOs constantly desire employees with soft skills. Thus, a person with a hospitality degree is far more in demand than someone with other abilities.

Join a global management network

Studying a degree in Hospitality Management is the quickest way to kickstart your career. Our degree gives you exciting internships at leading brands, as well as hands-on learning and key industry insight. Not only that, but by studying at Glion you will join an elite, worldwide alumni network. The Glion network support one another in their business and career endeavours, and gives you access to an international contact book.

Connections are crucial in any industry, especially hospitality. Our Glion network gives you the chance to meet with alumni old and new. Our events also give you the chance to pass on your CV and do some valuable networking.

If hospitality management sounds like the career for you, take a look at our BBA program for more information.

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