In September, the Glion Networking Committee organized a remarkable event in which an emerging French artist, Onemizer, was invited from Paris to perform a live painting show at the Club on Glion campus. As you’ll see from our photos, the event had a big turnout and was very successful!

During the unique ‘performance’, Onemizer took around two hours to create an outstanding piece of art and, while he was painting, students got the chance to see how the artist used his detailed techniques to apply spray paint to the canvas.

The student audience could also engage with the artist to learn more about his experience, while mingling with alumni and other external guests. This was a very big opportunity for students, as it enabled them to create meaningful connections that will last forever.

Throughout the event students could feel a rush of excitement as they had the chance to potentially win the most wanted art piece by purchasing a raffle ticket. After the lucky winner was announced, Onemizer also started selling customized T-shirts and shoes!

Speaking to the audience, the artist mentioned that he lived in Africa before moving to Paris, where he was inspired in his early childhood by graffiti, street and rap. He stated that “street is my home” and that it’s where he truly belongs. This explains why in his art he aims to portray “street and rap into contemporary art”. And this is what makes him unique from other artists around today.

So, what is your HOME? Onemizer truly found his passion and has become a very successful artist in Paris. He is a person to admire for his ambition and constant striving to further develop new techniques within his art pieces. An artist who sets an example to follow!

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