Switzerland is famous for its winter sports and one of the easiest and most accessible is sledding, or tobogganing. Its a great way to have some fun in Switzerland and it requires little skill.

Our Glion Student Ambassador Zahra Madhar shared her experience in Leysin, on a ski and sledding day organized by the school.

One of the best things about living in Switzerland

“Living in Switzerland is a major advantage for us students, because due to its geographical location, we can travel to many nearby countries such as Italy, Germany, France, and Austria. Without forgetting Swiss cities as well that are very coveted during winter.

Glion encourages its students to discover and enjoy all that these countries have to offer, and organizes trips every week with very convenient prices. One of these trips was organized On the 22nd of January. I traveled to Leysin tobogganing park with three of my friends as a part of this program. We left Glion by bus around 3pm and went to the small region of Leysin, the journey took around an hour.”

Thrills and chills in the Swiss mountains

“Once we arrived at our destination we were given an informational presentation about the park, how to access the different courses and what not to do. After this we were each given a sled and the fun began. Levels organize the park; we started with the red level, and continued on to the black one. Personally, I think the level indicators weren’t very accurate because we did a blue categorized course that was much more sensational then those that were black. In some of the courses, my friends and I were able to attach our toboggans together, unfortunately we weren’t able to take videos during the ride since our hands were freezing.”

“As soon as we were done with the tobogganing, we went to have fondue in an Igloo, the place was cozy and well heated, we had an exceptional flavored tea with honey to keep us warm, after 2 hours of tobogganing this was more then welcome. The atmosphere was friendly and warm, everyone was talking about how much fun they had, sharing their experiences with one another and promising to come back at the first occasion.”

Zahra Madhar is an official Student Ambassador, part of Glion’s Student Government Association, which aims to develop student’s leadership skills and allow them to express their creativity and opinions in order to continuously improve the student experience and the school. She would be happy to share her experience at Glion with perspective students. Contact the manager of the student ambassador program, Johann Bourget to email or speak with her in person:

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