On June 2nd Glion Institute of Higher Education had the pleasure of hosting a EuroCHRIE Swiss mini-conference on the Bulle campus for the second consecutive year. This year the theme of the event was the future of destination marketing and management, with around 30 guests from Swiss hospitality schools and Glion Online MBA and campus faculty joining the day.

The day started with Glion Director of Academic Affairs, Christian Daujat, welcoming the guests. Following him David Mora, Director of the M.A. in International Hotel Management from Universidad Europea de Madrid, shared an intriguing future vision of smart destinations with the audience. As an example of such development, he offered a Spanish tourism island that has been covered entirely with a free, public Wi-Fi service.

David Mora and what destinations can learn from smart cities.

The next two presentations provided insights into destination development with Sue Clark, a consultant and a member of Glion Online MBA faculty, and Alphy Johnson, Independent Hospitality Advisor also lecturing for Glion Online MBA. Sue, focusing on tourism in Thailand, reversed the question of a preferred destination and suggested that instead destinations should ask who their preferred visitors are. Alphy, with his extensive international background in hospitality operations, compared experiences from St Moritz in Switzerland, Changmai in Thailand, and Yosemite National Park in the US. Did you know that Yosemite has the largest bus transportation system in the United States?

After a delicious lunch, Dr. Noelle O’Connor, from Limerick Institute of Technology, took the audience on a journey to Ireland. During her media-rich presentation the audience learned how St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated around the world, offers Ireland free destination branding, and how John F. Kennedy brings tourism to the island.

As the final presenter, Henri Kuokkanen, a research fellow from Glion, discussed his research on collaborative revenue management in destinations, emphasizing that practices proven successful in the airline and hotel businesses can provide great value to tourism destinations when applied innovatively. The day was a great success thanks to all the exciting presentations, and the active and engaged audience!

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