On Tuesday, March 10th, Glion Institute of Higher Education hosted the MSc Conference “Luxury, the Art of Living” for the Master of Science (MSc) in International Hospitality Finance program. Held on the Bulle campus, the conference featured speakers from four luxury-related businesses and a networking coffee.

This MSc conference presented luxury as a changing and growing lifestyle concept with a focus on innovation, consumers and careers.

A huge thank-you and hats-off to Dr. Lyn Glanz, the Dean of the Graduate School; Ms. Pia Huh, Program Leader for the MSc; Ms. Jo Schofield, the Head of Academic Activities & Events; Mr. Paul Chappel, the Head of Academic Product Innovation and Initiatives; Ms. Fabienne Rollandin, Director Career, Industry & Alumni Relations; and Mr. Claudio Zucco, Professor of Tourism for facilitating the conference. And thank you to the postgraduate students who organized the event operations and lunch; in particular, Ms. Felicia Ngaka, Academic Activities & Events Assistant.

3D Printing in Metal for Absolute Personalization

First up was SmartShapes, a Swiss start-up that specializes in 3D printing. The company co-founders Pierre-Frederic Von Kaenel and and Dr. Yves Moser introduced us to their young company and gave us a little crash course in 3D production methods that they are using to “print” metal pieces for luxury watches, aeronautics and automobiles.

In a nutshell, 3D printing involves layering metal powder and using a laser to melt the powder, building a design layer by layer. The advantages of 3D printing are: it is faster, it can produce pieces that cannot be made using traditional methods and it reduces the amount of raw material that is lost. We left with some questions to ponder: Will customization be the future of luxury goods? Would the luxury consumer be willing to wait 3 days for their customized watch? Only time will tell.

Luxury Industry Careers with CareerInsights

Next up was Dr. Patrick Cettier, who founded CareerInsight SA in 2014 as a consulting company which provides advisory services for strategic career development. His presentation focused mainly on the potential for growth and personal development in what might be called a “luxury career”. Dr. Cettier put forth three keys to success: build a good network, have an attractive personality (which apparently can be learned), and commit yourself to hard work. By working hard, generating a positive image and building good relationships within the industry, graduates will see their career “worth” grow.

If you are looking for career insights, visit the website:

The Real Value of Luxury Goods and Services

Wealth-X is the leading sales intelligence portal providing the most accurate, comprehensive, relevant and timely information for the wealth management, private banking, multi-family office and luxury brand industries. This presentation focused on the growing number of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals in the world; their profiles, spending habits and most importantly, their common work and social habits. Apparently, the UHNWIs share some common traits that can make one truly successful.

To see this very interesting and useful report for yourself, check it out here:

Space Tourism: The Luxury Flight of the Future?

Before the presentation by our final guest, Mr. Julien de Mûelenaere, of Swiss Space System (S3), one might have wondered what exactly this high tech concept had to do with luxury.

The objective of the S3 group is to develop, build, certify, and operate suborbital shuttles for the deployment of satellites up to 250 kg (so-called small satellites). The technology will ultimately allow for manned high-speed (yes, up in space!) travel between continents. In the meantime, S3 is offering Zero-Gravity Experience onboard a private modified Airbus.

Tickets for the Zero-G flights are already available for purchase, while the space shuttle trips may become available as soon as 2018. As the zero gravity experience includes a Breitling watch as a ticket and costs several thousand CHF in Party Zone (economy) this concept clearly aims for the luxury tourism market. Check out the new space adventure:

For more pictures of the event, click here.

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