In Glion, we are very lucky to have many motivated students who are happy to go one step further and improve the global student community. Some of these exceptional students are chosen to join the Glion Ambassador Program each semester, which gives them the opportunity to improve their leadership, communication and teamwork skills. This program allows them to develop as individuals while strengthening their employability as future industry leaders. According to Cesar, one of our ambassadors, he is learning “the skills and knowledge that I will need for my future career.”

The program offers our students to grow within one of the four chosen fields (specializations): marketing, campus leadership, welfare and careers. Through these specific roles, these students improve life on campus, enhance the Glion Spirit and offer more assistance to potential and existing students.

The importance of our ambassadors

The ambassadors also act as the main connection between students, members of staff and various student committees. This is particularly the case when it comes to our Campus Life Leaders, whose main objective is to voice students’ concerns, organize mentoring sessions and look for feedback through focus groups. “I actually love it. This is one thing that I love about Glion: the involvement of the students with the staff. If you have this strong passion to help and to speak to people, this program brings a lot for your future,” Francesca, one of our ambassadors, said.

Marketing ambassadors are the link between campuses and the external audience. They work closely with Glion’s marketing team to make sure that the image of the school is always portrayed in the right way. They contribute to Glion’s social media channels, help with promotional activities, talk to prospective students, represent the school at conferences and events, and much more. As one of our marketing ambassadors, Marta, explained “I had the opportunity to become an ambassador in the marketing specialization and it’s great for me because I have the opportunity to network with students on campus while also representing Glion off campus.”

They are given the possibility to complete various online courses certified by top institutions which improves their CV value.

Our Welfare ambassadors make sure that the students can study in a healthy environment. They organize different events and lead many campaigns in order to keep the students aware of the importance of both physical and mental wellbeing. Recently, they organized a very successful Nutrition Awareness Day, which saw professionals in the field share their best tips with Glion students.

Glion’s Career and Recruitment Day is strongly supported by Career ambassadors, who make sure that the event is well promoted within the campus and that every student knows what to do on the day of the event.

The benefits to our students

But what are the direct benefits for these students? To start with, they all get a certificate for this voluntary role which they can use in their future careers. This is paired with the opportunity to have a personalized recommendation letter from the school which highlights their achievements. Furthermore, they are given the possibility to complete various online courses certified by top institutions which improves their CV value. Finally, they can enjoy many personalized experiences like evening workshops on public speaking, leadership and communication, dinners in gastronomic restaurants or free visits to European cities.

Get in touch with our Student Ambassadors. They will be happy to answer your questions about Glion programs, internships, classes and student life.

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