Recruitment fairs are an integral part of a Glion education, where our students have the chance to network with leading organizations. This proved particularly beneficial for Laura Mellander, who landed a role with private members’ club Soho House and is now a General Manager, overseeing three restaurants at their Chicago branch.

Swedish national Laura elected to study at Glion upon hearing of its great reputation. She chose to study Hospitality Management. “Apart from knowing your product, you need to know how to market it the best way,” Laura said. “I believe it is very important to know sales and marketing if you want to work in the business. That way you can constantly come up with innovative ideas and understand trends.”

Glion gets people from all over the world, teaches them to be organized and structured, and gets them to understand the importance of diversity and teamwork.

Laura was based at Glion’s Bulle campus, and while there gained a range of important skills. “I learned a lot about diversity, teamwork and structure,” she said. “Glion gets people from all over the world, teaches them to be organized and structured, and gets them to understand the importance of diversity and teamwork.”

While studying, the Soho House recruitment team visited Glion and gave a presentation. This piqued Laura’s interest and, after graduating in 2013, she applied to their management training programme. She’s been there ever since. “After starting as a management trainee, I then got a job as a floor manager and HR representative at Little House Mayfair,” Laura said. “I then became Restaurant Manager at Electric Diner, before becoming Assistant General Manager of Electric House, which combines the private members’ club, a cinema and the Electric Diner.”

After two years at Electric House, Soho House offered Laura the opportunity to move to Chicago. She is now General Manager at their Soho House club, the biggest one in America. “The Chicago house has 40 rooms, two public restaurants, a public bar and a Cowshed spa,” Laura said. “There’s never a dull moment with this company. As with any job in the hospitality industry, it is hard work, but it’s very rewarding and you get to work with great people.”

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