After a global career tour of 4 countries, Ateeb Shrestha ’02, has arrived as GM at the Gangtey Goenpa Lodge, a remote luxury lodge in Bhutan where design and comfort meet raw tourism.

A career in hospitality management is likely to take you around the world, as Ateeb Shrestha can confirm. Since his graduation from Glion in 2002, with a Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality, Ateeb has worked in Oman, the USA, Vietnam and Mauritius, and he’s gained experience in many departments of hotel management. His latest nomination brought him to Bhutan to become the GM of the Gangtey Goenpa Lodge, a 12-room Himalayan lodge in Phobjikha Valley. Here’s a look at Ateeb’s career climb to this Himalayan paradise and his credit to Glion’s unique hospitality education.

There are few frontiers where tourism remains raw and naturalistic, which is why Architectural Design’s Out There Extreme Luxury Resorts list featured only the most exclusive, remote resorts. Among these enchanting locations, Gangtey Goenpa Lodge is a pearl of regional architecture, design and harmonious comfort. The lodge has been featured in such luxury travel magazines as Conde Nast Traveller and it made the 2013 hot list of Compass Cox & King’s Travel journal.

When asked why he chose such a remote resort for his first GM position, Ateeb said “Of late, Bhutan tourism has flourished and I am very happy to help contribute to that. I chose Gangety Goenpa Lodge – An Eastern Safari Resort, as my new venture due to the standard of service it believes in providing to its guests and the work ethics of the owners. It’s still new to the hospitality business and is already gaining popularity.”

Over the past 12 years, Ateeb worked his way up through a variety of hotel management departments and positions:

  • First Commis (Kitchen) at the Chedi Muscat Oman- General Hotel Management (GHM)
  • Various departments, Setai, Miami (GHM)
  • Front Office Manager (FOM), Pool Villas Manager, and Director of Rooms at the Nam Hai Resort (GHM), Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Director of Rooms, Shanti Maurice-A Nira Resort, Mauritius

During his post-Glion ascension, Ateeb found a mentor and role model in Mr. Hans R Jenni, President of General Hotel Management. “I have to emphasize that, during my entire period with General Hotel Management, Mr. Hans R Jenni, who is the President of GMH, had been my mentor and a coach guiding me throughout my hospitality career.

When choosing a hospitality school, Ateeb chose Glion as an investment for his future career. “Glion is a trademark in the hospitality industry. At Glion, I developed confidence and the ability to set goals and build my career in the hospitality industry. I am very content with the career decisions I made; I am thankful to Glion for investing and imparting knowledge, confidence, and competence to its students”, Ateeb said.

For future leaders of the hospitality industry, Ateeb had one piece of advice: “once you start your career, stick to it and try to deliver every objective with excellence. Your hard work, dedication, patience and enthusiasm will take you to your goal.”

We wish Ateeb all the best in this new venture and we commend him for arriving at a destination which has all of us dreaming of the sleek comfort and majestic landscapes of the Gangety Goenpa Lodge.

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