Glion has good reason to be proud of its alumni. Many rise to the very highest echelons of their sector, and become key influencers within the constantly evolving global hospitality and services industries.

Frédéric Schaub holds a hospitality diploma from Glion, Class of ’09 and is one such alumnus. His skills and professionalism were recognized at the 14th Annual MKG Worldwide Hospitality Awards ceremony.

Schaub is an e-commerce manager for Marriott International and won in the ‘Best Professional Success’ category at the MKG Group’s 14th Annual Worldwide Hospitality Awards which took place in November in Paris, and brought together leading lights from the hospitality sector.

“I am honored to receive this award from industry leaders and also proud to represent the excellence in education I acquired at Glion,” said Schaub. “Glion courses in international hotel management are reputed to be among the best in the world, and my education has undoubtedly contributed to my international career advancement and success.”

Glion ensures that all its students are exposed to as much industry experience as possible, whilst they study at the university.

Every semester, more than 50 representatives from the hospitality industry, including highly reputed brands such as Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, InterContinental, Four Seasons Hotels, Marriott International and Hyatt, visit Glion to recruit from the graduating class.

What is also important to note, is that a Glion diploma in hospitality can be the springboard for a successful career, as much as an MBA. The course selection depends on the individual student’s strengths, their experience, and their career objectives.

Glion’s Educational Counselors take great care to listen to the prospective students who contact them for advice. This way, they can guide them on the best course options, confident that whichever course they end up taking, they will graduate with the experience and leadership skills to become something great.

With more than 80% of students employed or with multiple offers upon graduation, Glion has an education model that is proven, year after year, to be successful and relevant to the industry.

As Matthew Ruck, director of talent acquisition and career development, Europe, says: “Marriott International has a long and successful partnership with Glion, and for many years has benefitted greatly by supporting career opportunities for excellent graduate talent entering our industry. Frédéric Schaub is a great example.”

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