When someone mentions the word ‘hospitality’ to you, do you only think of hotels and restaurants? If so, there is so much more to the industry than that. While working in one of those two areas is exciting and rewarding, a hospitality degree can also see you work in events, resorts and with luxury brands. In terms of the latter, world-renowned Italian company Bvlgari often look to employ our students due to their skills, knowledge and experience with luxury brands.

Recently, Bvlgari hosted an exclusive event for future Glion students at their Prague store. Store manager Silvia Patrova gave an insightful presentation about the Bvlgari brand and its similarities with Glion. Julia Tokareva, Regional Admissions Director for Eastern, Central Europe and Caucasus, also shared an enlightening presentation on the thrilling world of luxury brands.

Unique learning experiences

Julia’s presentation provided real-life examples of Glion alumni that have moved into different industries. Glion enables its graduates to do so by teaching them core skills in finance, project management, marketing and more. In addition, with just under 100 nationalities represented at Glion, learning in such a multicultural atmosphere provides students with a global perspective.

It is hard work, but the transformations I see are incredible. I don’t recognise my own students at graduation.”

“There is no typical scenario at Glion,” Julia explained. “All of our students are different and have different dreams. Some of them want to work in the food & beverage sector, while others want to work in luxury retail. We push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to travel. This is so you can learn new skills and develop your language competencies, both of which are important to employers.”

Julia discussed that there is more to learn than just core skills. “We teach you that every detail is important,” she said. “It’s not just about how good you are academically. It’s also about how you present, your posture and how you approach people. It is hard work, but the transformations I see are incredible. I don’t recognise my own students at graduation.”

Premium education, luxury career

Silvia also spoke about the history of Bvlgari. Founded by Greek national Sotirio Bulgari in 1857, he opened his first store in Rome in 1884. Since then, the company has continued to grow, and became part of the world-leading LVMH Group in 2010. Silvia discussed how Glion and Bvlgari share the same philosophy, of building from tradition and shaping the world of modern luxury.

Silvia also spoke about the role of luxury brands in modern hospitality. “Years ago, for clients, it was enough to have a nice brand,” she said. “Now, however, the brand itself is not enough. It is all about unique experiences.” This echoes our Luxury Brand Management specialisation – creating the perfect customer experience is key. You have to make unforgettable moments, go the extra mile, and be open to new trends and changes.

Bvlgari privatised their Prague store especially for the event. Following the presentations, a Q&A session was held and attendees got to enjoy a cocktail to finish off an insightful, highly engaging evening.

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