The Charity Club has been a successful part of our school for almost a year now. In the past two semesters, we’ve had the opportunity to organize a plethora of different events encompassing dinners, parties and other fundraisers. To date, the Charity Club has raised over a thousand francs for both the Swiss Red Cross and Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, charities which allow us to give back on a local and global scale.

We specifically chose these two charities as we felt they reflected the club’s as well as Glion’s spirit. We wanted to keep it local, through the Swiss Red Cross, because sometimes you don’t realise just how close to home people are struggling. The Swiss Red Cross of Freiburg helps many people who are struggling in their daily lives for whatever reason. For instance, we had lunches with local elderly community members in Bulle and spoke with them about their lives.

We realised that we are incredibly fortunate to go to an international school such as Glion. Somewhere, thousands of kilometers away, children were growing up without a chance at a future even remotely similar to ours. When the club was introduced to Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, everyone jumped on the opportunity to support them. Through the schools they have built for children in Cambodia, as well as providing them with food and clothing, they offer these children a future. But their association doesn’t stop there; they have continued to build further education schools such as a hospitality school creating a much stronger link to Glion. In the future, we hope to organize a way to send their students some craft-based-learning clothing or equipment that Glion is not using.

This semester, an excellent executive board was elected on the Glion campus to run all the operations in Glion and lead the team of dedicated students to the best of their abilities. We have also spread to the Bulle campus with the aid of both the SGA and former Glion Charity Club president, Thibaut Lambrechts.

In Glion this term we have hosted another very successful Fondue Night as well as Rooftop Parties at the Club. The Charity Club also branched out, and organized a Smart-Casual Day on campus, allowing students to wear smart-casual to class in exchange for buying a bracelet. « Ticketing and sales » was a new area for members of the club which forced them to step out of their comfort zone in order to raise funds for the charities we support. Our next and final event this semester will be a thrilling Day of the Dead party, inspired by the Mexican Tradition. It has been an eventful year, running the Charity Club but it was most importantly rewarding, knowing we had made a difference.

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