Once again Glion Faculty joined the series of panels at the third Adria Hotel Forum, on the 11th and 12th of February 2015, at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia. This conference acts as a think tank for professionals from the field of hotel industry investment in Croatia and the surrounding region.

Participating in panels at the forum were Henri Kuokkanen, Drazan Raguz and Dr Lyn Glanz, from the Glion Graduate School. Contributing his expertise on the panel “WHAT ARE WE DOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL”, Henri Kuokkanen was asked for advice on destination management for the region, and he laid out some guidelines on employing revenue management practices on destination level with the emphasis on collaboration across independent businesses, based on examples from other parts of Europe.

Drazen Raguz, returning to his homeland to take part in the panel on “SEASONALITY – WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM OTHERS” listed a series of factors that could be used to orientate thinking on seasonality, emphasizing that the creativity and attitudes of people in the region were at the heart of responding to the calls to extend the Croatian season. Also on this panel was Glion advisory board member, Mário Azevedo Ferreira, CEO of NAU Hotels & Resorts, giving strategic advice particularly in relation to the introduction of golf to the region as a means of countering the comparatively short summer season in Croatia.

On a panel packed with Millenials – “MEET THE FUTURE: YOUNG MANAGERS’ VISIONS” Dr Lyn Glanz spoke of how hospitality education institutions had been the first to meet the connected millennial generation and how they met both the technical requirements of Generation Y and their quest for an experience-based education through projects with industry. She also invited the search for new experienced managers in the region to begin by ‘refreshing’ existing managers through the use of executive education and online study. Dr Glanz also acted as a jury member on the ‘ASIC/Adria Student Innovation Contest’ taking place at the conference. In collaboration with 21 faculties from the region, 31 teams and a total of over 130 graduate students applied to the competition entitled “A New Hotel Concept”.

Marina Franolic, a Glion alumna, is the founder of the Hotel Forum, a conference that acts as a think tank for professionals from the field of hotel industry investment in Croatia and the surrounding region. She says, “AHF has proven again to be the leading hotel investment conference of South Eastern Europe. This year we have decided to base the forum on the notion of “Successful Models”, that is, so-called examples of good practice. Throughout the course of two days, various models (the law of small numbers; the law of large numbers; seasonality etc.) which have successfully been implemented in areas where results have been carried out in view of high returns from tourism (and connected industries) have been presented.

As well, we are proud to emphasize the fact that the significance of the Adria Hotel Forum was recognized by one of the leading global organizers of hotel investment conferences, Bench Events, by promoting its partnership with the AHF and the conference “Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum” set to take place in Madrid. This allows us to participate in the creation of panel discussion on the topic of investing in the hotel industry within the Adriatic region, which in turn gives us the possibility to bring Croatia’s opportunities that much closer to the global audience”.

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