Management training is an excellent way to gain hands-on experience once you have finished your studies, as well as offering a fast track to a high-ranking job role. At Glion, we boast the industry insight and links to ensure you can find the right management program for you, with the school recently ranked number one worldwide for employer reputation (QS World Rankings 2018). One such graduate who benefited from this is Cecile Naegel, who has secured management training with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

How did you find the experience of securing an internship / position / management training?

Securing a MIT program with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts was a very rewarding and delightful experience, as such career opportunities are very rare. I was ready to accept a chance in any property around the globe just to be part of the MIT program with the Four Seasons company.

As a fresh graduate, it was a great opportunity to be trained and coached by being exposed to the operational and managerial rooms’ division: Housekeeping, Front Office and Guest Relations.

Four Seasons’ goal is to nurture MIT talents and provide them with the right tools they need to excel in their career. It also ensures that these graduates succeed as future leaders in high-ranking managerial positions.

How did you find your studies helped you make a success of your management training?

I feel blessed to have been able to conduct my studies at Glion Institute of Higher Education. I was surrounded by experienced, knowledgeable and passionate teachers who also acted as mentors. The shared experience that I had with my classmates from diverse cultural backgrounds enabled me to learn, adapt and work in a diversified environment. The Glion hospitality curriculum is very rich and covers all aspects of hospitality: operational, managerial, administrative and marketing (among others).Last but not least, Glion taught me how to be an organized, confident worker, things that are a must in the real world.

What were the benefits of the industry experience you gained from your employment in Four Seasons?

Every day is a chance for me to know more about the beauty of the industry. Four Seasons is the true image of fine luxury hospitality, and is globally famous for its excellent and consistent service – learning with the best is the most rewarding and enriching experience. At Four Seasons, people are key to the company’s success.

The main secret of success is the Golden Rule: “The Simple Idea That If You Treat People Well, The Way You Would Like To Be Treated, They Will Do The Same For You!”

Working with such a culture and with such amazing colleagues at Four Seasons Hotel Beirut is a great asset and support on a professional and personal level.

I started my MIT 8 months ago in Housekeeping department and currently I am enrolled in my second rotation in Front Office department. I learned that we should always embrace the unexpected and be flexible. Also, I learned that being smart is not enough, you have to be emotionally intelligent.

What advice would you give to students to help them stand out / secure a successful placement?

My advice is to be well prepared for an interview, show a positive attitude, be genuine and motivated, and show that you are eager to learn through commitment and hard work. Once you have found the company that suits you best, be flexible, especially in terms of the destination offered and the starting date proposed.

Most importantly, always show how passionate you are and be yourself. If you dream for it, you will get it. If you are passionate about working for a specific company, like I was about working at Four Seasons, your employer will definitely feel it.

How did the connections Glion has as a school support you in securing an employment / management training?

The best asset that Glion provides us is the chance to build a strong international network within the hospitality industry. Glion’s network is large and extremely valuable, allowing to get in touch with the world’s best hospitality companies, and ensure you gain strong professional development.

The recruitment days that Glion organize expose you to the best companies, and this is where you can grab an incredible opportunity; you have the choice to meet companies and representatives from a range of industries and from different corners of the world. It is then your decision and choice to select the career path you want to follow and even your dream job. Do not miss these opportunities!

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