Studying at Glion Institute of Higher Education provides plenty of exciting opportunities, both within and outside of your studies. Our Arts Committee creates and hosts a series of memorable events each year – recently, they staged Glion’s first ever comedy night, raising money for charity and entertaining a stellar crowd of 200 people.

Just for laughs

The event, organised with help from the Gradcom and Charity Committee, took place on Thursday 26 April on our Bulle campus. Over the course of two entertaining hours, students took to the stage to perform stand-up comedy routines and various skits. Held in the Academic Centre, the event offered something different to students. “We have put in the hours to deliver something totally new,” said Sergii Slepkan, President of the Arts Committee. “We have taken the risk and are very proud of the outcome.”

The performers were organised by the Arts Committee’s treasurer George Streit, who was proud of what he saw. “Comedy is hard to pull off, and it takes courage to stand up in front of university students and assume you can make them laugh,” he said. “Every single performer that went on stage had to deal with the possible reality that people might not laugh. Fortunately, this was far from the case and the performers gave it their all.”

In the tradition of great comedy events, a selection of Glion’s teachers were also subjected to a roasting. Paul Chappel was one of three academic staff who found themselves on the receiving end of the performers’ quips, and he couldn’t have been happier. “It was a fantastic event,” he said. “It was well-attended and everyone left with a smile on their face.”

Glion’s first comedy night was all for a good cause, with 585 CHF being raised for charity.

The Arts Committee

The comedy event was organised by Glion’s Arts Committee, who regularly host events across Glion’s campuses. Originally comprising of five people, the number of members has doubled in recent months due to popular demand. Led by Sergii, a talented musician originally from Ukraine, the committee covers a variety of exciting events, including Glion’s Got Talent, the Cultural Fair and much more.

Want to find out more about our Arts Committee? Go to their Facebook page to access further information.

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